For the people

Published 8:40 pm Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Editor, Smithfield Times

Having known Joel Acree for 40 plus years and knowing his family, I would like to say he is a man of strong faith and good upbringing — a caring and compassionate man that loves his God, his family and his community. Having served with him as a volunteer I can attest to his leadership, knowledge and commitment to all his undertakings.

He is task-driven, well educated (with a degree in emergency wservices) and very thoughtful of others’ opinions. He is always a team leader and understands the value of teamwork in all undertakings. These are the characteristics of a True Leader!

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He has demonstrated the ability to make decisions after considering all consequences to such decisions, a man of reason committed to making a difference in his service to his community! It is because of this. I strongly support Joel Acree to serve on the Board of supervisors for the Windsor district on Nov. the 3. A vote for Joel Acree is a vote for what is right in Isle of Wight!

The current Board of Supervisors have given control of this our county to outsiders and it is time we the people take our county back!

And for this reason I am supporting William McCarty, Dick Grice and Joel Acree to give the county back to The People! And for Mark Marshall and Georgette Phillips to continue Their fine work as Sheriff and Commonwealth’s Attorney. In my months of closely watching our current Board of Supervisors and County staff, I believe, after getting to know these people, that they are our best hope to make government that is for and by the people.

Fred Mitchell