Unhappy with many

Published 8:18 pm Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Editor, Smithfield Times

For years, I have been outspoken about issues concerning this county, because I actually give a damn about seeing this community become a better, more successful, more prosperous place to live.

I am offended by the nasty, vile responses I’ve gotten from people because I think the county deserves better. I think our county deserves a prosecutor who will actually have real trials, who will present evidence and who will fight for convictions. I’m sick of the slimy back-room plea bargain deals that allows child rapists to only get a 10 year recommended sentence with only 5 years to serve! A prosecutor works for us, the people, first and foremost. “Relationships” with police, lawyers and other elected officials rank a distant second.

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I’m sick of personal ego-driven power struggles that result in slashing SRO’s in schools so that money can be freed up to buy desks, badges and uniforms in the Sheriff’s office, followed by years of budgetary increases, only to be followed up by begging and pleadings for even more money because an extra $900,000 in 3 years still isn’t enough to keep deputies on the streets!

I expect and demand investigators like Tommy Potter to spend more time solving cases instead of writing on behalf of a candidate who doesn’t live here, when he himself doesn’t live here. I think someone who wants to be a prosecutor should obey the laws she wants to enforce, meaning her permanent, 24-hour per day real home is here, not in Poquoson! 

Our school system is always being sued; county administrators live in another county, finance directors live in another county, while taking our taxpayer money-funded salaries!

I still believe in honor, duty and selfless devotion to the public good. I shall always fight for those principles until my dying breath. I don’t care who you think you are, how many times you yell at me to shut up, I shall not be silent! I shall cast my votes proudly for Russ Stephenson for Sheriff, and Jennifer Stanton for Commonwealth Attorney.

Dave Lyons