Darden needed

Published 8:50 pm Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Editor, Smithfield Times

Having served briefly on the Board of Supervisors, two things are certain to me. It is a very great honor and at times it is a thankless endeavor. The privilege makes one realize the great responsibility it bestows and how no person can satisfy the whole constituency.

We need Dee Dee Darden on the Board of Supervisors, not because everyone agrees with her all the time but because most of the time she is right. We still need a by-pass around Windsor. I think everybody knows that and even though I sympathize with those who don’t want it on their farm, with government a few have to sacrifice for the benefit of the totality.

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Dee Darden does not make decisions by herself. The Board made the decisions that were the most controversial. Mrs. Darden could not please those who disagreed with her, but that is not what makes a politician worth their salt. 

A bypass would have to have been built somewhere, and if the road were built on the south, property owners on the south would not have been happy either. I’ve been in my house south of Windsor for 44 years and if the road had taken my property, I would have had to move. But if it helped save lives at the main stoplights in Windsor, it would have been worth the sacrifice.

Dee Dee Darden helped set a new direction for Isle of Wight County after taking over a financial disaster made by her predecessors. She deserves to continue the ongoing hard work that lies ahead.

Lud L. Spivey