Dedication, commitment

Published 8:47 pm Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Editor, Smithfield Times

I am Georgette C. Phillips’ husband, and my wife has driven 13 years over two hours a day to serve the citizens of IOW before moving to IOW last year. Those were many hours she was not with her family and now that she lives in IOW we do not see her until she visits us on the weekends. She did so because she loves the community and her work as a prosecutor in IOW.

She could have made a lot more money in private practice, but money is not her driving force, neither is fame. Frankly she would have been content to work the rest of her law career for Wayne Farmer. But as we all know, life can change and sometimes to continue to do what we love where we love we must change with it. She has found a home in Isle of Wight and after I have met so many wonderful people I can truly say I look forward to moving there after my son graduates high school in 2016.

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This is not something I say lightly, as I have a lot of family in Poquoson. This is why my wife agreed to live in Poquoson, so our two children could grow up around family. But there comes a time when your children must leave the “nest.” So I will now support my wife, by moving to Isle of Wight, as she has supported us for so many years. In closing, my wife is the most honest and caring person I have ever known. If she doesn’t know something, she asks, if she makes a mistake she admits it and learns from it. Therefore, please don’t take her dream away. Vote for Georgette C. Phillips on Nov. 3. Thank you.

James B. Phillips Jr.