Stanton backer

Published 8:55 pm Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Editor, Smithfield Times

I am convinced that we should elect Jennifer Stanton as Isle of Wight Commonwealth’s attorney.

Jennifer Stanton and her husband chose Isle of Wight for their home 16 years ago. She owns a home, votes, pays taxes here and has been part of our community. She has an excellent educational background. Her job experience is widely varied in that she has worked as a prosecutor and defense attorney and has argued before both appellate courts and the Supreme Court of Virginia. Mrs. Stanton has run her own business, which gives her valuable insight into the private sector.

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We have read countless letters from members of the courthouse fraternity and their families telling us to maintain our present “team” and assure its continuity. I have seen our “team in action and waited for them to take action. It is my opinion that we need to cut some of our players and make room for some new talent. How can a system of checks and balances work properly when a candidate is beholding to another person in the process?

Jennifer Stanton’s candid, straightforward approach would breathe fresh air into our courthouse atmosphere. Let’s elect an independent person who can stand on her own two feet — one of our people — Jennifer Stanton.

Dwight Doggett Jr.