Supporting Grice

Published 8:29 pm Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Editor, Smithfield Times

We’ve lived in Isle of Wight for a combined 91 years, are retired and on a fixed income. We bought our homes here thinking they would be our final home. But the ever-increasing property taxes and water bills have brought doubts to that happening. For years, the county leadership promised to h old down taxes and water costs, yet once in office they conveniently find it necessary to raise rates again. That’s not leadership. That’s politics as usual.

I have only met one candidate for Board of Supervisors that we have confidence in. That’s Dick Grice. He doesn’t complain about our problems, he talks about realistic solutions. We have water we are paying for and not using. He said that west coast companies are desperate for that water. Why not invite them to open plants in our industrial park? He brought the first plant to Shirley Holland Park back in 2000 along with 170 plus jobs. The county didn’t find h is company, he found the county’s industrial park by chance. But he saw the potential and convinced others of it.

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More business in Shirley Holland Park means more large water users, more business taxes and more jobs. Either that or put in board members who would follow the county administrator’s plan of building 4,000 more houses.

And how does more high-density rental property help stabilize residential property taxes? The county keeps spending more and the bulk of our county funds are coming from we homeowners. We want to stay, not move. Help by voting Nov. 3 for Dick Grice, Smithfield District, Board of Supervisors.

Richard M. Atkins
Charles Brooks
Gary Trout
Matthew Wirtz