He knows the man

Published 8:31 pm Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Editor, Smithfield Times

Let me begin by disclosing that Mayor Williams is my father and is unaware that I am drafting this letter.

I am not writing to defend my father because he does not need defending. Rather, I wish to convey to those who do not know my father personally a behind-the-scenes glimpse into Mayor Williams, the man.

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My father is a self-made man. He built his contracting business from nothing and turned it into a success through shear hard work and dedication for over 30 years. He took excellent care of his employees and treated each of his clients with the utmost respect. I have personally witnessed him provide services to folks who could not afford to pay and expect nothing in return.

My father, during this time, was very actively involved in the Smithfield Volunteer Fire Department, Smithfield Kiwanis, Smithfield Town Council, his church and several other organizations that serve the community. My father has been an integral part of building the town into what it is today because he cares. I can tell you he expects nothing in return other than the pride he takes in serving his community.

Currently, my father still works with all the above organizations to include the VFW. However, it is his role as mayor that he holds close to his heart. I have seen him spend countless hours of his time (and own money) supporting the town, going way above and beyond his normal duties.

As for integrity, charisma and intestinal fortitude, I can only hope to be half the man my father is when it comes to these traits.

There are those who wish to judge my father on things he said in a heated moment. So be it. It is certainly their God-given right. However, I refuse to just stand by and allow my father’s impeccable reputation be questioned by those who do not know the real man.

Allen Williams