We must be united

Published 8:25 pm Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Editor, Smithfield Times

So we all are hearing about the horrors of Paris that terrorism has caused. It is tragic, and we all send our prayers. However, we must realize that this will happen again. Along those lines, it will happen here in the United States again, sooner than later. Is there a way to stop it? No, not easily.

It is a new World War, without the obligatory number behind it we all learned in history. It is a war that will never end as long as the sheep are guarding the hen house. The rules from the Geneva Convention are being followed only by us. Terrorists play by no rules. We have to rethink the battle or we are forever lost. It will not be easy, and no Democrat or Republican alone can do it.

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This nation has to come together as one, first and foremost. Not blacks against whites, Democrats versus Republicans, male versus female, and on and on. We must be united, and realize that we will have to give up some rights in order for our own protection.

We may have to consider that our “polite” ways of dealing with terrorists is no longer an achievable dream. We must fight fire with fire. In the meantime, pray and pray often if that is your belief. Think of every citizen (legal that is) as your neighbor and friend, and unite as one for the cause of this great nation. If we cannot at least start with that, then our cause is lost.

Jim Minton