Happy to be leaving

Published 9:16 pm Tuesday, January 5, 2016

    Editor, Smithfield Times

    I write this letter happily as I’m no longer living in this small town with its small minded biases.

    It wasn’t bad enough that election season brought out mean-spirited comments, personal attacks and name calling by those who preferred to mud-sling rather than discuss the actual facts and backgrounds of candidates.

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    It wasn’t enough that this very newspaper let loose its own bias in reporting, printing editorials with headlines that made certain people appear to be sore losers, when our frustrations all along during the election was the cronyism, glad-handing and bully tactics used by the “popular” candidates in order to insure their re-election.

    It wasn’t enough that the county sheriff actually won two races simultaneously, by piggybacking the non-resident candidate on his campaign, something that has never, ever been done in the history of local elections, thereby muddying the ethics and impartiality of what is supposed to be a completely independent prosecutor’s office.

    Our county has become a stark contrast of the haves and have-nots. Those who have, get to bully those who have not, to show off in pomp and circumstance their swearing in and deep pockets upon the little people. And if you are the little people, you’re supposed to shut up and take whatever they want to dish out to you. It’s a miracle that ISLE 2040 was defeated. It will take another miracle to defeat the big-dollar plans for the Pierceville property.

    I’ve had several former classmates from Smithfield High express surprise that I was still living here, noting the big-bucks, holier-than-thou mentality as a reason why they moved away long ago. I’ve noted my life is much more peaceful now that I’m not here, and not trying to “beat my head against the wall” calling out bad decisions, lawsuits and cronyism that permeates county government.

    I actually can live my life and not worry about the small town with narrow minded viewpoints of those on a quest for more power. Sure, the best way for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing, but there comes a time when good men must realize the time to fight is when other good men actually still care. This doesn’t feel like home anymore.

Dave Lyons