Defends speech

Published 9:08 pm Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Editor, Smithfield Times

    I recently made comments on floor of the House of Delegates on a position that I have never before shied away from. I have previously spoken to numerous issues on the House floor, but on this occasion the Left has responded with predictable outrage. Although they did not attack my argument, but made a personal attack, to even belittle my pronunciation. I spoke to the parallels of those abolitionists who fought for the humanity of the black people and to eradicate slavery in America, and the abolitionists who fight for the humanity of unborn children.

    I spoke to how the advocates of slavery dehumanized the black people and regulated them to less than human status. That those slavery advocates relied upon the Supreme Court to justify their views who ruled that black people were nothing more than property and therefore can be used as they please. That slavery was an evil and a national sin.

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    I spoke to the abolitionists of our time who fight for the humanity and life of unborn children. That the murder of our unborn children is a national sin and along with Planned Parenthood harvesting organs from those murdered children, is evil in our time. Abortion activists dehumanize the unborn and rely upon the Supreme Court to justify their position. The Leftists did not address the intellectual substance of my argument, but attacked me personally for being disrespectful and insensitive to women who’ve had an abortion. Actually, my heart goes out to them with compassion. My comments were not about the past, but about the future and the humanity and life of those unborn children. I have never shirked away from standing for what I believe in, and I never will. I will not be shamed for my beliefs.

Del. Rick Morris