Letters to the editor – April 13th, 2016

Published 6:07 pm Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Where’s the management?

    Editor, Smithfield Times

    It is crying time tonight because I have a feeling that my money is fixing to be taken by the county with a real estate rate increase. I hope the new and old supervisors remember President H.W. Bush’s famous last words “read my lips — no tax increase,” then approved a tax increase. He served one term. The budget is now before the supervisors and everybody wants a full pie.

    The school board preys upon the emotions of the citizens to get their full pie. The sheriff cries safety and security to get his full pie. The administrator of the operating county government claims comparisons of other government agencies dictate pay raises for all the county employees to get his full pie. The poor citizen gets no increase except for taxes (which, the last time I heard, decreases ones pay). He gets no pie at all.

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    I read in the local paper that there is a request for $841,000 for a Multi-modal sidewalk at the elementary school. How about just a simple sidewalk and fund half this year and half in a future year. $3.1 million for a bike and pedestrian trail: could we possibly fund and build some of this each year and use part of the money to fix some of the roads and bridges/culverts around the county. And fund the new $9-plus million communications system on a multi year basis. Why not just repair one school roof each year instead of two in one year. In other words, quit trying to do everything at once and spread the cost over several years instead of one year. How many of the county management personnel give everything to their children every time the child asks for something. Most parents pick and choose what they let their children have based upon their income.

    There was a lot of back slapping in the paper about reducing the number of pages in the budget — just no reduction in expenditures.

    It is time the new board steps up to plate and apply hard and sound management decisions to this budget. Anyone can spend money. Good managers make careful and wise decisions, especially when the money belongs to the citizens.

    I live in the Windsor District and I do make it a point to vote. 

    Ray Baxter


IWA not a racist school

    Editor, Smithfield Times

    Our family has been part of the Isle of Wight Academy Family for 11 years. My husband and I are not alumni so, going into the school, we did not have any connections. It didn’t take long before we felt a sense of family and belonging. We are actively involved in our children’s lives, both at home and school, and we both found ways to volunteer, contribute time and get a “behind the scenes” look at the school.

    As much as we love our children’s school, we believe it is our responsibility as parents to teach our faith, moral code and character beliefs to our children. Fortunately, our children’s school shares the same overall beliefs and reinforces what we are teaching them at home.

    Recent news has compelled me to share a story. This is one of many lessons our children have learned at school but now, more than ever, it resonates a feeling of pride in IWA. Our son came home from school and told us his teacher was talking about how African Americans had to eat in a different part of the room or sit in a different seat simply because of color. The teacher encouraged the class to discuss feelings, how those situations could be best handled and what are ways we can show others acceptance. Our son melted my heart when he said, “I would let Rosa Parks sit with me on the bus. That just wasn’t fair because she was a different color.” This conversation originated at school and continued in our home. It really reinforced my confidence in what our children were being taught at school.

    Recent news has been blown out of proportion. IWA is not a racist school. The fact that we have our children there shows it and the sweet words of a child proves it.

    Christy Lewis Archer


Help the Relay ‘Fight Back’

    Editor, Smithfield Times

    2016 Relay For Life is two short months away! We are returning to an overnight event and will enjoy the hospitality of Isle of Wight Academy.

    Are you a Cancer Survivor? Join us to Celebrate! Newly diagnosed? Come draw strength from those who have also fought the battle.

    Lost a loved one to this dreaded disease? Come Remember with us as we light the luminaria in their memory.

    The funds we are raising benefit the American Cancer Society’s programs, patient services, research, and advocacy. As a veteran Relayer, I have seen new drugs come on the market that provide hope to patients and their families. New ways to educate people on the importance of screenings and early detection have improved. More lives are saved. Raising money for a cure is the way we Fight Back!

    Relay For Life of Isle of Wight/Surry will begin at 6 p.m. on Friday, June 10 at Isle of Wight Academy. The Luminaria Ceremony is at 9:30 p.m. We will have entertainment, activities and great fellowship all night.

    For more information, go to www.RelayForLife.org/IWSVA or email Pam78@aol.com. Get involved in the fight against cancer!

    Pam Jordan