Letters to the editor – April 20th, 2016

Published 6:39 pm Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Honoring veterans

    Editor, Smithfield Times

    The George F. Dashiell American Legion Post #49 wants to provide American Flags to mark all veterans’ graves in Isle of Wight County. Due to limited manpower, we are looking for individuals who will be responsible for placing flags on qualifying grave sites on Memorial Day and Veterans Day.

    We currently mark St. Luke’s, Ivy Hill, Riverview United Methodist Church, Bethany United Methodist Church, and Battery Park Baptist Church cemetery graves.

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    Contact John Brayshaw, 357-4823, or email rgrjeb@aol.com.

    John Brayshaw


To all, ‘thank you’

    Editor, Smithfield Times

    Not only is Smithfield a great place to live, it is a wonderful place for giving back to our church community.

    Congratulations to all the Golf Committee Members, Hole Sponsors, Golfers and Volunteers in exceeding our goal of $10,000 with the 5th Annual Trinity United Methodist Church Charity Golf Tournament! Your generous contributions will go a long ways in helping worthy causes in the church like Christian Outreach Program, Youth/Adult Missions and Veterans in Crisis.

    On behalf of the Trinity United Methodist Church Golf Committee, I would like to thank all for the generous contributors to our 5th annual charity golf tournament.

    Trinity United Methodist Church appreciates your investment in our mission and your compassion towards helping others in our community.

    For more information on how these wonderful donations are helping to make a difference at Trinity United Methodist Church, we invite you to visit our Web site at www.mytrinity,org.

    We hope you will again join us next year in supporting TUMC in this wonderful and fun event. Your generosity here in Smithfield is so appreciated.

    Ted Bright


Cowboy code of ethics

    Editor, Smithfield Times

    Our cowboys and cowgirls are respected and loved by people all around the world as a symbol or rugged individualism. I know as a young girl in Rhode Island, I watched Roy and Dale all the time as well as many other western shows. I loved what they stood for; hard work, honesty, loyalty, and a code of ethics we do not see in America anymore!

    The Cowboy Code list includes: never going back on his word; always telling the truth; helping people in distress; being a good worker; keeping himself clean in thought, speech, action, and personal habits; being a patriot, and being kind to animals, elderly, and children — and that’s only part of it.

    The Center for Cowboy Ethics and Leadership has a program that helps young children and teens develop into successful adults as well as helping business people establish a good code in conducting their businesses. This was started by a man from New York by the name of James Owen. There is a wonderful book outlining the rules that cowboys live by and it is available on Amazon.

    On July 26, Americans are asked to join in a celebration to observe the National Day of the Cowboy the day of the month Lavoy Finicum was murdered.

    “Remember that some things aren’t for sale” is one of the codes. Our freedom is not for sale. Let’s honor our American Cowboys and Cowgirls and be glad they are a part of our heritage!

    Linda Steffey