Letters to the editor – November 30th, 2016

Published 8:27 pm Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Fears for the future

Editor, Smithfield Times

The recent AP story published Nov. 16, “Exit polls show diversity of presidential election,” noted that “Trump was the favorite among voters who are pessimistic about the future of the country…” Can we say, “self-fulfilling prophecy?” And for the 81 percent who favored Trump because they were “seeking a candidate they believe can bring about change…,” be careful what you wish for!

When Trump and the Republican-dominated Congress start cutting Social Security benefits, turn the successful Medicare program into a vouchers program that hurts enrollees but does wonders for the bottom line of private insurance providers, send the Federal deficit into the stratosphere with their fact-challenged combination of tax reductions (mostly, of course, for the wealthy) and higher military and border patrol funding, repeal the so-called Obamacare (and replace it with what?? Congress has had six years to come up with a substitute program, but nothing ever materialized) that will eliminate health insurance coverage for tens of millions of citizens, and destroy environmental and other regulatory protections that will seriously compromise the safety of our water and air quality, food and prescription drugs, do you really think you’ll be better off with all this “change?”

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I fear for not only my own generation, but for many generations to come.

Deborah Wyld

Let’s be hopeful

Editor, Smithfield Times

Regarding the display of voter harassment that was so thoughtfully analyzed in the  “Short Rows” in the issue following the election, thank you. As for what I observed, I am not sure. Was it the arrogance of ignorance or the ignorance of arrogance? Probably it was a mixture. It any event, it was a disservice to the community.

I am sure some equally nasty things could have been hurled at Mr. Trump. However, let’s hope the next four years don’t bring another Watergate Affair or Iran/Contra Crisis or a degrading of the public trust that is government. Let’s be hopeful, vigilant and work for the best.

Jerry Tenney

‘Protected’ media

Editor, Smithfield Times

Shame has been brought forth by our local press, our “protected” media.

To use the power of the fourth estate, the press, to attack an “individual” exercising their rights as a citizen, is beyond the pale of what was intended by the rights, freedoms and protections granted to the Press by our Constitution.

I chose to allow a week for reply and rebate by the principals involved. Now. The local, regional and national press of this country is allowed the most privileged protections granted under the U.S. Constitution. Our media are failing miserably. No longer are commentators, reporters, editors, etc. politically neutral. Politically biased is the more appropriate term.

Embarrassment is what I felt with the Rows column of 11-16 by Editor Edwards, of “our” Times. My feelings have been similar in other continuing columns and op-eds of ‘The Times’. The Charles Haynes regular opinionated piece, with an obvious liberal bias, comes immediately to mind.

When our press, our media, our informational leaders in the main stream stop reporting unbiased, and continue reporting obviously biased opinions in their “protected” profession, there are serious problems. We as a nation have seen this at an accelerated rate during the past Presidential election cycle. And, in reply, since the American people have spoken and chosen our new President, the media have come forth in serious animosity.

Michael Payne

Democrats are the problem

Editor, Smithfield Times

I have heard a lot of hateful speech, disgusting comments and even talk about someone being murdered over the last few weeks. Yes, last week’s letter writer was right that there is a lot of hate speech in America. It comes from Democrats.

Our nation’s Democratic Party has a 150 year history of oppression, hatred, fear mongering and slavery to its credit. From the first Democrat, Andrew Jackson, who slaughtered Native Americans in the Trail of Tears, to the party’s attempt to stop Lincoln, which led to the Civil War and the CSA, the Democratic party has much to be ashamed of.

I’m sick of the liberal left hypocrisy, hate speech and name calling. Hillary’s speech that denounced half of Americans as “deplorable and irredeemable” was highly offensive. The claim that there was a switch between the parties is a big lie.

Excuse me for wanting to put MY country first. I demand equal justice under law, that all persons be treated equally and no special favors to those who break the law. If a person can’t be properly vetted, then no, he shouldn’t be allowed to enter our country.

I’m offended by this paper’s personal attack against a Patriot, who has served this nation honorably and selflessly. Herb DeGroft is a good and decent man, someone I would proudly defend to the depths of hell itself.

Trump is one of the most generous and caring candidates and he is beholden to no one, not lobbyists or corrupt companies. For the first time since Ronald Reagan, I’m very optimistic for the future of my nation’s leadership, for freedom, and fellow citizens.

Dave Lyons