Letters to the editor – December 7th, 2016

Published 9:00 pm Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Stop complaining

Editor, Smithfield Times

In response to Dave Lyons’ ranting letter from Chesapeake:

He brought up hate, disgusting oppression, slavery, the Civil War and CSA. I would like to know where that all came from. He was blaming the Democrats for everything that has happened to this country, and he’s not the only one I have heard this from. Has he not been reading the papers or watching the news with all the hate spewing out of all kinds of people’s mouths?

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First, it was the Republicans who vowed to not pass anything that came to their table from President Obama. Doesn’t Mr. Lyons see any racism in that? Well, they kept their word and nothing was done to help the American people.

I am neither a Republican or Democrat. I am a citizen of this great United States and have lived for seven decades in this country.

People move on, me included. You can’t just guess what will or will not happen. I am just as concerned as the rest of this country as to what President-Elect Trump will bring to the table and where it will take us, but all we can do is carry on and hope for the best.

Also, how did Andrew Jackson get in the picture? Surely, Mr. Lyons knows he has been dead for centuries. He is not the only one to blame for hatred, fear and slavery.

If Mr. Lyons is really so tired of name calling, hypocrisy and hatred, why does he put so much of it in print for all to see. This is a country of diverse people — all colors, all heritages and all God’s children. My advice is to get over these attitudes and move on. If you see something you don’t like, remove yourself from the situation.

The election is over. Be thankful for what you have and where you live. Pray for all the people in Tennessee and North and South Carolina, for our service men and women who are protecting this great country we live in.

The homeless on the streets, the families in shelters — these are the people who have lost everything. How dare we sit at home, warm and comfortable with food on the table, and complain?

Life is too short to keep blaming someone for all the problems we are facing. We all did this. Say a prayer for our country and be thankful instead of being filled with hate.

Lorrain Carl

Focus on platforms

Editor, Smithfield Times

I have known John Edwards for many years. He has always been even handed. I believe John made a mistake when he published the first letter full of hate. I do not believe those letters should have been published. Elections are suppose to be about what the candidates’ platforms state. We argue about those things, not hate-filled invective.

Getting a summons for causing a disturbance at a polling station does not seem to be fair, level headed, or patriotic. I think John’s column was right on target. This town and county usually votes over 80 percent Republican. I have no idea why Mr. De Groft did what he did. I really do not care. The people who come to mind about educating voters so they do not make mistakes were Nazis.

I am 70 years old, and up until now I have never heard of or experienced anything like that at a polling station.

I believe most people in this town and county believe in the old saying “If you can’t say anything good about someone, don’t say anything.

Mike Harrington

An amazing evening

Editor, Smithfield Times.

If you missed the “Holiday Extravaganza by Hardy Elementary School” tonight at the Smithfield High School Auditorium, you missed a truly special event. The entire student body, pre-K through 3rd grade, contributed to an outstanding program of song, acting, crafts, concessions and so much more. Their hard work over the past three months certainly paid off.

The theme of the program was “Why is it better to give than to receive?” In addition to providing an entertaining evening, the students took the opportunity to embrace the Christmas spirit and help others. Food items were collected, and all proceeds from the sale of concessions and handmade crafts went to benefit Mission of Hope, which supports Isle of Wight residents in need.

So many people came together to help this talented group of students succeed. The teachers and All of the staff at Hardy Elementary School, parent volunteers, local businesses, Smithfield Little Theater, the High School Maker Space students and Drama Club, the school board, administration and more.

Over my six years as a Hardy Parent there have been a number of special events put together to teach and enrich the lives of the student body. Even so, this evening’s event was something special. Thank you to everyone involved and congratulations to all the students for an amazing evening.

Stephen Kucha

Too much negativity

Editor, Smithfield Times

Why all the negative focus on some of the great events that are happening in our town? I am again disappointed in The Smithfield Times and the continuous negative picture that is trying to painted on Tourism. The Nov. 16 paper made only one mention about the enormously successful Vintage Market by printing a picture of an offensive t-shirt that one vendor had on display, and then implying that Cheryl Ketchum didn’t seem to have a good handle on what the vendors were selling. There were close 70 vendors here in our town with amazing and beautiful goods to sell and that’s what you chose to print in the Second Front towards the back of the paper?

The week before in John Edwards ROWS section, he somewhat praised Tourism before he turned it around to imply that long time families of Smithfield are not happy about the growth that has occurred. Is he the spokesperson for “The Powells, the Moores, the Hines, The Faces, the Goldmans, the Earls and many more families?” There are too many small towns throughout our country that are dying and you are grumbling about how Smithfield has become a destination in Hampton Roads. It is to be expected that there will be some negativity in all things but it seems like The Times just continues to fuel a slow burning fire and it is not going unnoticed.

I live in the historic district and the events are not something that I “tolerate” nor do I consider them “intolerable.” It seems to me that the only events that are to be “tolerated” and actually written about with beautiful color pictures in The Times, are the “long time” events like Trick or Treating on Main Street, Souper Saturday and the Christmas parade, all of which are great events.

Kim Gardner