Letters to the editor – December 28th, 2016

Published 8:18 pm Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Plea bargains

Editor, Smithfield Times

It’s shameful, but not the least bit surprising, as it’s exactly what I predicted in the last election cycle — another wet-noodle response to crime.

How can anyone dare hold their head up in public, after allowing someone who held the publics’ trust, who resigned in disgrace, charged with 17 felonies, and walk away with a six-month sentence?

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Just come to Isle of Wight, that message screams loud and clear. Come to the county where nobody goes to prison, you get a plea deal.!

I believe it’s a racket of epic proportions. But like I said, electing the “team” got you just what I predicted.

I just feel truly bad for all the crime victims who will never see real justice in Isle of Wight courts. As someone who once worked in law enforcement, I offer apologies, because as victims of crime, you deserve much better from the courts and the Commonwealth.

Dave Lyons