Letters to the editor – January 4th, 2016

Published 8:45 pm Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Thoughts on Stoup property

Editor, Smithfield Times

Concerning the Stoup property, I always thought it would be nice if all the manmade stuff was removed, including that ugly overgrown fence going back there. Remove the fill and allow the marsh grass to return.

Consider it an investment in restoring lost wetland. It would really look a lot better matching what is around it.

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George Landis

Picking Dec. 25 ‘astonishing’

Editor, Smithfield Times

Unbelievably, the early Church Fathers had no idea when Christmas Day was. Polycarp, a disciple of the Apostle John, speculated it was March 21; Clement of Alexandria thought May 20, and Hippolytus, Jan. 2. It was not celebrated officially until Dec. 25, 336 AD, a date chosen mainly because Romans celebrated it as the birth of the sun god, not because of genealogical research. The chances of being right were 1 in 366.

How did the Magi, the “three” wise men from the East that visited the Baby Jesus, know that it was in their time that Christ would be born? In the Book of Daniel (538 BC), the angel Gabriel prophesized in Biblical language that after “434 years” from a decree to restore Jerusalem and rebuilding of its wall (25th of the month of Ulai, 433 BC), the Messiah would come. Intense consideration of biblical and modern calendars shows that Daniel predicted the traditional birth date exactly, i.e. 25 December in 5 BC at 1:48 a.m. Bethlehem time. Unbelievably, the Church Fathers guessed right.

To convert from Daniel’s time frame to modern times requires certain basic knowledge. One must know, for example, that the Hebrew Babylonian calendar started in our September, not March 21, “prophetic months,” including February, had 30 days, that Jewish days began at sunset and that Daniel’s “prophetic years” were 360 days.

As one advances “Daniel’s years” from 433BC, it is amazing to see them converge on Dec. 25. But it is as though this prophesy was given for modern man to figure out. Gradually, we learned that only our modern Gregorian Calendar of 365 days leads to Dec. 25, meaning the Magi or Church Fathers could only at best approximate the date. The Star was necessary. This astonishing, centuries-old prophecy is a true foretelling and can hold its own with the battering of skeptics.

Thomas Finderson

Freedom Hunters

Editor, Smithfield Times

I want to thank the organizations and local businesses that provided support to Freedom Hunters and our outreach program of returning our nations true heroes to the outdoors this past year.

Thank You to Mike and Judy Luter, and all of the volunteers that assisted with the outing, for a fantastic day of pheasant hunting for 30 wounded, retired and active duty service members!

Thank you to the members and families of Central Hill Hunt Club. For the fourth consecutive year Central Hill Hunt Club hosted 13 individuals for a day of deer hunting which included a great breakfast, lunch and fantastic dinner prepared by hunt club families and several local organizations.

Thank you also goes out to the members and families of Rogers Hunt Club. For the second consecutive year Rogers Hunt Club hosted a group of service members to a day of deer hunting which included breakfast, lunch and dinner prepared by club members for the recipients.

2016 was the first year that Freedom Hunters had the opportunity to send warriors into the field for a day of deer hunting with Bayside Sportsmen hunt club in Surry County. Although one of our warriors came down sick the night before the hunt and wasn’t able to make it, a second female warrior did get the opportunity to hunt alongside many veterans, both male and female with these great individuals.

Last but not least a big Thank You to Wharf Hill Brewing and Bon Vivant for their donations to our recent fundraiser. The donations you made to our fundraising auction/raffle brought the much needed financial support required to get many of our adventure recipients outdoors thru the purchase of their hunting and fishing licenses, lodging, meals and transportation when required.

In 2016, Freedom Hunters have provided more than 1,000 recipients, wounded, activity duty, veterans of all eras, military family members and Gold Star family members, with outdoor adventures across the US and Canada. It is individuals, organizations and businesses like those mentioned that make this possible. You are saving lives.

From all of us at Freedom Hunter, thank you!

Bud DePlatchett
East Coast Coordinator
Freedom Hunters

On WCP And volunteers

Editor, Smithfield Times

Its time to run Randy Pack out of town! And while we are at it, let’s run off all volunteers who are committed to the betterment of our beloved town. I mean, Randy serves on Town Council and we all know what a fantastic job that is. Great money, no stress, everyone loves you, right?

And not only is he enjoying all the perks of being on town council, he has the nerve to volunteer for Smithfield VA Events. How dare he and his cohorts like Milton Cook, Sue Ivy and others volunteer their time, talent, energy and good will to fulfill their nefarious agenda for the Windsor Castle Park Foundation. Everyone knows the WCPF has a secret agenda; they cleverly have disguised their evil intentions by building a playground and raising money to restore the manor house and barns.

Speaking of SVAEvents, why would they want to help restore the historic treasures at Windsor Castle? We should just let the house and barns continue to deteriorate And why do we need any events anyway? No one really enjoys the Wine Fest, BoB or BaconFest. They only benefit Randy and Smithfield Station.

No other local businesses benefit from the festivals, right? And the 70 local non-profit groups who have received funds? They don’t really need the $504,000 in donations. They should just have bake sales and car washes. The WCPF shouldn’t be receiving any funds from events either. Heaven forbid anyone should try to make the park more enjoyable or stop the deterioration of the structures. What in the world are those volunteers who run the board of SVAE thinking?

I’m so glad the Smithfield Times is doing such hard nose investigative reporting to ferret out these individuals who have worked so hard to make Smithfield better for all of our citizens. This kind of exposure is why everyone wants to run for public office and volunteer in our town.

Renee Bevan

Stop the divisions

Editor, Smithfield Times

It is a new year and I hear there are big changes ahead. New technologies for one.

I am 73 and wish to see Mother Earth and all living beings living in Peace. For the whole of my life, all I have ever seen is war and killing.

We have lost our values, morals and ethics and we must return to these vital simple ways of life. The Golden Rule is all we need. Value others for what they can give to the world and stop the competition. Competition causes jealousies and “I’m better than you!”  mind set: “I have a bigger house than yours!” No one is better than another. No living thing is better than another. We are one. We are all living beings vital to one another. Our own American Indians knew this long ago.

Stop the hate and divisions, which separate us and live in the wonder of life. Take your children out into nature with its healing peace and beauty. Don’t conform or allow yourselves to be abused. Be yourself for you are special and unique and have a right to “be.” We must stop the racism, for we are all the human race and beautiful in our many colors and cultures. We must learn from one another what makes us different, but the same and rejoice in it.

We need to teach our children well. Be parents and not friends or buddies. Children need structure to feel secure and know what is expected of them. Children need good examples and role models in their lives. Put away the stupid phones and learn our true history so we are never controlled by the elite again. Jefferson said “You deserve the government you get.” Russell Means said “You don’t want the government taking care of you. Just ask an Indian!” 

Linda Gould Steffey