Letters to the editor – March 15th, 2017

Published 7:53 pm Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Thanks to many helpers

Editor; Smithfield Times,

It has been almost 13 years since I moved to Isle of Wight County. I have found its residents to be extremely friendly and helpful. This has been highlighted recently by my experiences with Bubba-N-Franks Senior Bingo. I have always tried to do the right thing, help out when I can, but nothing like being the weekly Senior Bingo caller. It opened my eyes to the amount of time, effort, and dedication our volunteers put in on a regular basis. There is very little thought given to self as they help meet the needs of the county’s citizens. I can’t thank Lanelle Johnson and Tommy Finderson enough for what they do for our community.

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Local businesses have also come to my attention as they have been so willing to meet the needs of our seniors. Frank, from Bubba-N-Franks, met with us several times, then donated the time, space, and prizes to be used each week. He even takes time away from his job to say hello to the players during the games on Tuesdays. Shirley McGee, from Home Sweet Home Care, has jumped in whole-heartedly as well. She has provided us with new supplies to make our lives easier, as well as fun surprises, like Valentine’s Cupid visits, gifts, and senior coloring books.

At Christmas, we solicited help from local shops, and almost every business we asked provided something. These gifts were all given with a generous sense of community spirit and good will; I was totally impressed. For this I would like to thank John Edwards of The Smithfield Times, Carrollton Exxon, Syd at Old Dominion Guns, Carrollton Food Lion, Animal Hospital of Eagle Harbour, All About You Salon, Southern States Farmer’s Service, and the Toland Chiropractic Wellness Center. There is also Senior Bingo at Smithfield Hardee’s Mondays, and many businesses support the efforts of this location as well.

These people did not have to spend their time and money helping us, but they did, because at the heart of it, we are all one community. Let’s hope it stays that way in a rapidly developing Isle of Wight County.

Lisa Bright

Horrible treatment

Editor, Smithfield Times

It made me sick when I saw on TV the news about what a man did to dogs. I can’t imagine the torture they went through. He should be put in a cage in the cold, without water or food, not able to move around, then let him see how it feels. That would still be too good.

It is hard for me to believe how some people can be so cruel to children, elderly people and animals. He should never be able to have another animal of any kind.

A man made the remark that a good cat is a dead cat. Wrong. A cat wants to love as much as he does.

I appreciate what the Humane Society does — Debbie, Cindy, Robin and all who help with animals — and I hope everybody else does as well.

Faye Kitchen