Letters to the editor – June 14th, 2017

Published 4:32 pm Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Shed the hatred

Editor, Smithfield Times

As a conservative, I was not happy over the last administration and the liberal policies leading to a weakened America. Never during this entire time did I wish our President ill will, impeachment or for him to fail. That would be wishing for our country to fail.

I truly hope the Never-Trumpers can get over this hatred and their overwhelming wish for him to fail. Patriotism means we love, honor and respect our country over politics. Please stop the hate and let us all hope our President succeeds to keep America great!

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Gregg Mitchell

Sees western land grabs

Editor, Smithfield Times

In my ongoing research for the truth on our American Western land grabs leading up to the horrid murder of an honest and good cowboy, Lavoy Finicum, and the Hage ranch, the Bundy ranch, the Hammond ranch, the Dann sister’s battle with the BLM and far too many other farmers and ranchers battles for years, I came across a very brave and informative person by the name of Lazaro Encenarro. Bless his heart, Laz has done his homework on the corruption out West tying, everything together and most importantly, naming names.  We are outraged!

If anyone is interested in the truth, type in the subject line “lazaro encenarro attention western ranchers and native Americans” and click on the video. Learn just who is behind these land grabs and why! If we are going to save our country, we need to all speak up! We are the fourth branch of government and it is up to us.

John Denver said it best in his talk “On Being Human:” “Whatever happens over there, affects us over here.”

It’s time to look intelligent and get off the phone! Do your own research and stand up, speak up, and come together! God bless our Cowboys! While you are at it, check out the “Center for Cowboy Ethics and Leadership.” Our country was founded on these ideals and we need everyone to adopt them back into their lives and live by them.

Linda Gould Steffey