Letters to The Editor – January 31st, 2018

Published 7:53 pm Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Thanks to all who helped

Editor, Smithfield Times
Many thanks to the wonderful person that helped my mom out of the ditch on Rt. 668 after the recent snowstorm and took her to the Volunteer Fire Station. Apparently the snow cover disguised everything familiar to her when she went to the mailbox and then she ventured into the Twilight Zone on down the road. Thank you for rescuing her!
Also many thanks to the Smithfield Volunteer Fire Department for getting her warm, and their successful endeavor to locate her residence and finding me looking for her. They even moved the fire engine out of the bay so I could get her in my vehicle without walking in the water because she lost her shoe. Thank you very much! Please help these volunteers any way you can.
We found the missing shoe buried in the snow where one of the neighbors said he saw a shoe on the side of the road. I don’t know how he saw it. I didn’t see it after two passes by the spot, just saw signs of a scuffle in the snow. Thank you to him too!
Terry Kelpien

Investigation continues

Editor, Smithfield Times
While it’s certainly disheartening that there are unsolved crimes in Isle of Wight, it can be very motivating and uplifting to see an investigation portrayed on television that shows the work being done to solve a case.
Since Killing Fields began airing on Discovery, it has been gratifying that the public gets to see the work happening behind the scenes to solve the murder of Carrie Singer. As the case heads to court for the other killing that occurred that same week back in 2004, the public is getting a good view of the dedication that goes into every serious investigation.
I’ve personally known Randy Patrick since 2004, and I can attest to his tenacity and determination at working every case assigned to him. While it may seem like 13 years has passed with little effort on these cases, I know that the man behind the badge never rests. I think the fact that he delayed his retirement to keep pushing for resolve on these cases shows the work ethic and passion put into following the evidence on the trail to capturing a killer. If I were the victim, I’d want him and that team working my case.
This TV program is a unique and rare opportunity for everyone to see that Isle of Wight is not just some “po-dunk” little outfit, that it never has been, and that the Sheriff’s Office has always been staffed by people who don’t give up in a relentless pursuit of justice against those who would do harm.
Dave Lyons

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