Letters to The Editor – February 7th, 2017

Published 7:01 pm Tuesday, February 6, 2018

IW ensuring a low vote

Editor, Smithfield Times
I was disappointed to find that the Board of Supervisors chose to petition for a July special election to fill the soon-to-be sheriff vacancy. While their desire to represent the citizens’ voice are well-intentioned, this decision not only puts our election officials in a tight squeeze under their required timelines, but it also disenfranchises thousands of potential voices across the County who may very well have an opinion on the matter and would otherwise not be aware of such an unusual July election.
Historically, turnout for special elections in months such as May or June are terrible across the Commonwealth, and its even worse with local races. It is simply part of our political culture to inherently know that we vote in November, and it should be our priority to schedule extra elections on behalf of the entire electorate in making sure their voices are heard and counted.
Yes, the loudest and most active voices will turn out whenever an election is called, and with a lower turnout their vote will carry more weight. However, with an office as important as this one, I have full faith in our citizens, even the ones who don’t read this newspaper on a weekly basis, to have been able to show up at the polls in November and speak to the candidates or their campaigners, and formulate an educated opinion to make a decision that they believe is best for the County and its law enforcement offices.
Regardless of the Board’s decision, I will gladly be a part of the expected 5 percent or less turnout who get to choose the next sheriff in July, unless the citizens of Isle of Wight County prove me wrong. I hope they do.
Caleb J. Kitchen

What’s needed is peace

Editor, Smithfield Times
It is a new year and I hear there are big changes ahead. New technologies for one.
I am 73 and wish to see Mother Earth and all living beings living in Peace. For the whole of my life, all I have ever seen is war and killing.
We have lost our values, morals and ethics and we must return to these vital simple ways of life. The Golden Rule is all we need. Value others for what they can give to the world and stop the competition. Competition causes jealousies and “I’m better than you” mind set: “I have a bigger house than yours!” No one is better than another. No living thing is better than another. We are one. We are all living beings vital to one another. Our own American Indians knew this long ago.
Stop the hate and divisions that separate us and live in the wonder of life. Take your children out into nature with its healing peace and beauty. Don’t conform or allow yourselves to be abused. Be yourself, for you are special and unique and have a right to be. We must stop the racism, for we are all of the human race and beautiful in our many colors and cultures. We must learn from one another what makes us different, but the same and rejoice in it.
We need to teach our children well. Be parents and not “friends” or ”buddies.” Children need structure to feel secure and know what is expected of them. Children need good examples and role models in their lives. Put away the stupid phones and learn our true history so we are never controlled by the elite again. Jefferson said “You deserve the government you get.” Russell Means said “You don’t want the government taking care of you. Just ask an Indian!”
Linda Gould Steffey

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