Letters to The Editor – March 21st, 2018

Published 6:31 pm Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Shooter will be caught

Editor, Smithfield Times
I pray the cruel person that shot and killed the dog Ranger will be caught and punished. I can imagine what the dog’s owner is going through, losing his best friend. How could anyone be so cruel?
To the shooter, don’t get too comfortable. You will be caught, and I hope it will be real soon.
Faye Kitchen

Board too lenient, lazy?

Editor, Smithfield Times
Attending Surry County Board of Supervisors meetings for more than fourteen years, I’ve just learned my supervisor sent a FOIA letter to the County Administrator requesting financial documents.
The Virginia County Supervisors’ Manual states the following: “The Administrator serves at the pleasure of the board. Additional administrative duties and responsibilities may be assigned to the county administrator by the board, in its discretion, to meet the needs of the county government. The county administrator has no identity separate and apart from the board. Within the broad scope of the law, the county administrator may be delegated as much or as little authority as the governing body desires.
In view of these statements I have to question if the past and perhaps the present board has been too lenient and/or lazy in giving the Surry County Administrator too much authority? Perhaps the board members need to realize their voting without question on issues, absent needed information is not serving their constituents well. My board member, Michael Drewry, has been very open with us; his constituents. But he has said on numerous occasions when asked questions, “I don’t know.”
Perhaps this board needs to listen more to their constituents and consider appointing a county administrator with an ability and desire to provide them with facts and figures needed so they in turn, can provide their constituents with information. I believe it is incumbent upon our county government to let the citizens know through their representatives on the board how much and for what their tax dollars are being spent. The above-mentioned FOIA request should never have been needed.
Helen C. Eggleston

It’s tax money

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Editor, Smithfield times
Tamika Evans needs to know that it is her taxes that pay the mayor, vice-mayor, etc. and every other local, state and national government employee. Therefore, she and every other one of us taxpayers have every right to know exactly how much of our hard earned money is going to their salaries. I am very sorry if she thinks this should be kept private. It should not!
Linda Reagan