Letters to The Editor – June 6th, 2018

Published 4:47 pm Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Ham-fisted approach

Editor, Smithfield Times
The situation described in the letter from Albert Burckard in last week’s “Times” is atrocious. However, it is typical of the ham-fisted manner in which this whole project has been executed: Questionable use of eminent domain for non-vital purposes, total indifference to the environment and unwillingness to deviate to the slightest degree have been hallmarks of the effort. Apparently bikes can only move in a direct line. I would think that those who worked so hard to raise the money for the project would be somewhat appalled in the execution thereof that has taken place to date.
Ed Mortimer

A downward spiral

Editor, Smithfield Times
I would like to respond to the SCS response to the editor in last week’s paper.
I see it took your article (Broadband is elusive, May 16) on the SCS Broadband to have the company to make a public response. I can hear my grandmother saying, “a hit dog hollar.” Regardless of whether all the information was correct or not, SCS Broadband and Surry County should have been keeping their customers and residents up-to-date. Thanks for the tracking website, SCS.
Although I grew up in Isle of Wight, when I moved back from Atlanta in 2007, I moved to Surry, and am still appalled at the inability of the Surry leadership to provide this county with basic needs to its citizens, such as high-speed internet and a grocery store. The depth of incompetence has the population in a downward spiral.  Wanda Jones

The Best community

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Editor, Smithfield Times
We are privileged to live in the Smithfield/Isle of Wight community. We have a caring and sharing community where volunteers make a huge difference in our lives. For many years,
May has been “Bucket Drive” month for the Isle of Wight Rescue Squad. Members of the Squad and Auxiliary met you with our buckets at Cockeyed Rooster, Peebles Department Store, Food Lion and Smithfield True Value hardware. These fine merchants understand giving back to the community. They are always ready to share their space with organizations trying to make a difference. Please support them and thank them for what they mean to our community.
Thank the volunteers too. You don’t know how important they are until you need them. It is rewarding to hear a donor say “Here is a little something, thank you for coming when I needed you.” A BIG Thank You to all who gave. We couldn’t have a successful event without your generosity. This year marks the 50th anniversary of the Squad. We are planning a meet and greet at the Squad headquarters in late September. Watch the Times for more information. Thank you again for your support.
Elaine Abicht
IWVRS Auxiliary