Route 17 light sequence changed

Published 7:15 pm Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Backed-up traffic on Route 17 near the James River Bridge has become a headache for commuters, but VDOT has recently made some changes to alleviate the problem,

according to Del. Emily Brewer, R-64, in a press release issued Tuesday.

Brewer said that VDOT has extended the traffic signal times along Route 17 on Aug. 2, and while that may not be the final changes, it has reduced the back-ups along that road.

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VDOT officials confirmed that it has been working on the lights along that corridor.

“We have all experienced these backups … Isle of Wight County has many residents who work or travel to the Peninsula on a daily basis. I have been working with VDOT to review to make these changes and give commuters, as well as anyone else traveling over the JRB during rush hour, more time at home and less time in the car,” said Brewer, who added that she has received more phone calls about this issue than any other so far.