Letters to The Editor – April 17th, 2019

Published 5:15 pm Tuesday, April 16, 2019

An amazing school

Editor, Smithfield Times
I am a teacher at Hardy Elementary and proud of it. When I recently read that, due to the state of our building, we risk becoming the school that nobody wants to attend, it compelled me to write in. While our building is in need of help, Hardy is so much more than just the building. To me, Hardy is family. It is a place for children to go where they know they are loved and safe.
As our children enter the building each day, they are greeted by teachers, administrators, assistants, custodians and cafeteria staff who know them by name and welcome them with a hug and a smile. We work together to help a child who is struggling and we celebrate their successes. Smiles, hugs, high fives and words such as I am proud of you, I knew you could do it, don’t give up, and I love you are common throughout the building. 
Hardy is where my own children began their school years. The excellent teachers at Hardy provided them a firm foundation. They still talk about experiences, friendships, and teachers who inspired and guided them. They might be Panthers and Packers now, but they were Mustangs first!

As a member of the Hardy staff, we work hard. It’s not uncommon to see cars in our parking lot long before the students arrive and remain until long after they have left. We strive to provide the best educational experiences for our children. Everyone is invested in the success of every child. We also are a family. We celebrate together, we cry together, and yes, we have fun together. Throughout the day, we look out for one another, support, and encourage each other. 
Whatever the decision regarding our building is, I think it’s important for the community to know what an amazing place Hardy is and will continue to be.
Kate Hoffstaetter

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