Dog killed, woman injured in attack by neighbor’s dog

Published 6:41 pm Tuesday, May 28, 2019

By Frederic Lee

Staff writer 

A dog escaped its fenced yard before attacking and killing another dog that belonged to Anthony and Darlene Elliott Sunday morning near the 18000 block of Cherry Grove Circle, where they live. Darlene was also wounded in the attack. 

“That dog was her life,” said Anthony, stating in an interview on May 27 that his wife Darlene used to walk their 11-pound, four-year-old “Yorkiepoo” named Mia every morning, weather permitting, before the pet was killed on May 26. 

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The attacking dog is owned by Pierson and Charlee Eaves. Four misdemeanor charges against Pierson resulted from the incident, according to Lt. Tommy Potter with the Isle of Wight Sheriff’s Office, including failure to control a dangerous dog, allowing a dog to run at large and no county license nor current rabies vaccination for the dog. {mprestriction ids=”1,2,3,4,5,6″}

Attorney Crystina O’Brien, representing the Eaves, said on May 28 that the Eaves’ dog was properly vaccinated for rabies at the time of the incident, but that since it was a holiday weekend, the family was unable to produce the paperwork on the day of the attack. O’Brien said that officials wouldn’t accept the paperwork late on May 28. 

The charges will go before a judge, who will determine whether or not the animal will be euthanized, according to Potter. 

The Eaves’ dog was described by Potter as a large mixed breed, possibly a Rottweiler mix.  

Per his wife’s account, Anthony said that the dog, which was black, darted between her legs and attacked Mia — a Yorkshire terrier/poodle mix —near a ditch on Cherry Grove Circle during a walk on their street. 

Anthony said that Darlene was wounded in the attack and “too shaken up” to speak on the events on May 27, and that the attack occurred after sunrise but before 8 a.m. 

According to Anthony, Darlene couldn’t get the black dog off their dog, and it eventually killed Mia and left puncture wounds on Darlene’s thumb. The deadly incident also left a severe abrasion on Darlene’s left leg below the kneecap that requires cleaning twice a day, said Anthony.

Following the attack, Anthony took his wife to Sentara BelleHarbour Emergency Care, and her treatment didn’t require stitches. 

Anthony said that Mia was on a leash and harness prior to the attack, and that the other dog had escaped from the Eaves’ fenced-in yard. 

Isle of Wight County Animal Services said that there were no prior issues with the Eaves’ dog, according to Potter, and the animal must be quarantined at its owner’s home for 10 days following the attack. 

Isle of Wight County Animal Services has a policy in place for in-home quarantine if the Animal Control officer feels that the owners will comply, said Potter in an email dated May 27. He added that there was no indication that the Eaves’ dog had been aggressive before, nor had it ever gotten out of its fence, to his knowledge.

“During the 10 day quarantine (an Animal Control officer) will make daily visits to the house to check on the animal and owner compliance with the 10 day quarantine,” said Potter in the email.  {/mprestriction}