Letters to The Editor – July 3rd, 2019

Published 3:47 pm Tuesday, July 2, 2019

No notice of tax hike?

Editor, Smithfield Times
The Town Council is in non-compliance with Virginia statute 58.1-3321 requiring the detailed description of its intentions respecting real property tax changes. This law provides property owners valuable insight into the two parts of their increase in the real property tax — the part caused by reassessment, and the part due to the tax rate increase.
The statute mandates the publication of this information in a detailed format called out in the statute at least 30 days prior to a public hearing on the proposed tax changes, and that the hearing shall not be held at the same time as the annual budget hearing. It appears that the Town Council feels that its statements regarding a 3-cent tax increase, made at the budget hearing held on June 4, are satisfactory, but they obviously do not comport with the law. Moreover, the Town’s May 22 notice for that meeting in the newspaper, which cannot substitute for the 58.1-3321 notice, stated that the Town would keep the old 16-cent tax rate.

Dave Goodridge

Helping with expenses

Editor, Smithfield Times
The Oaks Veterinary Clinic is sponsoring a raffle to benefit one of our licensed veterinary technicians, Shannon Sulin. She has been a valued team member at The Oaks clinic since May 2004. Unfortunately, Shannon’s husband Adam has been battling a severe immune mediated neuromuscular disorder since March 27 tht has resulted in total paralysis, and only recently has he shown small signs of recovery. He has been continuously hospitalized in various locations leaving Shannon unable to work at The Oaks as she helps care for him.
Clients and staff of The Oaks recently held a raffle to raise money to help support their family at this challenging time. These generous donations were appreciated immensely by the Sulin Family. The Oaks continues to raise funds for Shannon and her family and is currently conducting a second raffle, drawing to be held on Sept. 2, so please stop by and purchase a ticket or consider making a donation. The raffle prize consists of numerous gift cards (currently valued at $1,300) contributed by Smithfield businesses and individuals. Price per ticket is $5 or five tickets for $20.
Thank you in advance for your help and support.
Mary Anne Edwards
The Oaks Veterinary Clinic

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