Complaints mount at Carrollton Post Office

Published 7:07 pm Tuesday, November 26, 2019

By Diana McFarland


Customer service at the Carrollton post office is up for discussion at a joint meeting Dec. 2 of the Carrollton Civic League and the Isle of Wight Citizens’ Association.

Complaints range from general unhelpfulness to the scale being down for weeks, requiring customers to travel to other post offices to get a package mailed. 

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Rick Sienkiewicz said he’s had to drive to the Crittenden post office to get packages mailed, as the Carrollton staff did not seem concerned that their scale is down. {mprestriction ids=”1,2,3,4,5,6″}

Sue Perna said she came out of the Carrollton post office recently and told the next person going in “not to bother,” as she was going to have to drive to the Suffolk UPS store to get her postal business completed. 

“Never a friendly encounter,” she said of the staff. 

Many patrons are going to the Smithfield post office, and one postal clerk there said they get at least a half dozen from Carrollton due to the downed scale. 

Jim Henderson said he’s had some personal mail sent to the wrong address. When he told the staff at the Carrollton post office, “I was blown off.” 

Another postal customer who lives on Waterfront Lane received mail from another household on Brookwood Circle, more than three miles away, so often that the two exchanged phone numbers so they could sort the mail out together. 

When Carrollton postmistress Nakia McRavin was asked about service at her office being a topic of discussion at a local civic group, she declined to comment. 

United States Postal Service spokesperson in Richmond, Fran Kipper, plans to contact the Isle of Wight Citizens’ Association and Carrollton Civic League about the issues so that they can be resolved. 

Kipper did not provide further comment.  {/mprestriction}