Letters to The Editor 01-01-20

Published 1:02 pm Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Thank you for Angel gifts


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Editor, Smithfield Times;

On behalf of the Angel Tree Committee of Christian Outreach Program, I would like to thank the Luter Family YMCA, Wharf Hill Brewing Co., Ringo’s, Bojangles, Whitehead Grove Baptist Church and Christ Episcopal Church for graciously allowing us to use their establishments and churches as venues for our Angel Trees.  Without their help we couldn’t stage our “Angels” for ‘pick up.’  They also aided in collecting gifts and returning them to the COP building.

 A BIG Thank You goes out to the very kind and thoughtful members of our community for providing a gift/s for our senior citizens whose holidays have been made brighter through their generosity. Thank you so much!  You’ve made a lot of people smile in this holiday season.

Last, but not least, I would like to thank all those who assisted in distributing the gifts and helping in any way possible to make this program a tremendous success.

Thank you one and all, and we wish you a very happy and healthy New Year.  

Marlene Stanton

COP volunteer


Sticking up for guns

Editor, The Smithfield Times;

About the editorial on the Constitutional County resolultion — your sentence reading, “… undocumented but law-abiding people in danger of being deported.” is obviously erroneous and even self-contradictory. “Undocumented” people in our midst have already broken the law by being here illegally in the first place, making them, by any definition, NOT law-abiding. They are outlaws by any standard and rightly compared with criminals who, for example, seek “sanctuary” in churches to evade the law. The word “sanctuary” for a municipality that harbors “illegals” is certainly an appropriate use of that word.

But, this is precisely why “sanctuary” is NOT appropriate for us law-abiding gun owners who fear our own government may declare us criminal for simply owning a legal firearm. We need no “sanctuary” as an illegal alien does who has already, by definition, broken the law.

As one speaker at our “constitutional county” public forum so rightly put it, “You can take all my guns AFTER I have used up ALL my ammunition against you!” This is why we have the Second Amendment. It is not for hunting or sport shooting, but to protect ourselves from predatory government agents both foreign AND domestic.

Oh, and one more thing. Your use of the phrase “.. butt of a Glock” is nonsensical. Glock makes handguns that have no “butt.” A butt is the non-business end of shoulder-fired weapons. Glock makes handguns that have “grips” and no “butts” about them! (Ha, ha, I like that one…made it up myself!)

The wrong or ignorant use of firearms terminology is one of the main reasons “gun control” folks are easily dismissed or denigrated by knowledgeable people. For example, the term “assault” rifle (or weapon) is nonsense. Every rifle (or weapon) ever made was to “assault” something, either an innocent animal in the forest minding its’ own business or an offensive human (military or civilian) trying to mind YOUR business!

And I could go on about such stupid terms as military “style” firearms (“…and the latest Fall fashion is the AR-15 styled with many military accessories…”)

Another misused term is “silencer” when actually referring to a “flash suppressor.” It does no “silencing” at all but simply reduces the muzzle flash for either military or hunting purposes. Another harmless “military style” accessory.

But, this being the “Holiday” season, I’ve already pontificated too long.

I wish a very Happy New Year to all my “gun control” friends!

Albert Burckard