Letters to The Editor 02-05-20

Published 9:24 pm Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Red flag law warning

Editor, Smithfield Times;

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It has been said that, “Those who fail to learn from history are condemned to repeat it”.  Proposed Red Flag Laws bring to mind the Salem witch trials, King George III’s oppression, abuses by the House Un-American Activities Committee, and even today’s unbridled action by the FISA courts.

The proposed laws set aside four of the guaranteed freedoms of the Bill of Rights.  The notions of due process and “assumed innocent until proven guilty” seem to be trivial, eroded concepts.  While the superficial purpose of red flag laws may be well intended, opposition, even on principle, could trigger a hothead to “drop a dime” and innuendo and the “settling of old scores” could rule the day. Today’s level of civil discourse portends this and the frenzied rush to pass these laws speaks to the intoxication of “pay back.” It happened after the French Revolution. 

Will everyone equally enjoy the benefits and possible abuses of over-reaching powers of authority?  Will mass shootings actually be prevented, because the mass suppression of individual freedoms and harmony of American society will certainly be in place?  Be careful.  Don’t let us repeat the mistakes of history.

Charles Spann



Beware of Democrats

Editor, Smithfield Times;

A recent Forum Topic addressed the need to end “Gerrymandering.”  I couldn’t agree more.

For years, we have heard the crooked Democratic Party cry gerrymandering when there is any segment of America that votes Republican.  They refuse to allow any part of the country to vote conservative. With any power they have, they deliberately rewrite districts so that conservative areas are knocked up against liberal litter boxes so their voting power is nullified.

Isle of Wight used to have a voice, locally and federally. Since the district was rewritten and saddled next to Newport News, the county now has zero say because the city’s 285,000 population votes for liberal do-nothing Bobby Scott.  Do we really think Scott cares about our agricultural history?  Scott may be a friendly guy, but he’s not representing Isle of Wight.

Democrats have been using this playbook since the 1950s. They stole Hawaii from its monarchy and flooded it with illegals who had children, to guarantee the state would vote blue.  It has ever since. 

Flooding America with illegals across our borders is the same plan on a bigger scale.  We will be overrun with 600 million people by the year 2100 if we don’t stop it.

Democrats only care about power.  Once they have it, they take away your rights, your guns, then pass laws to silence your right to free speech to criticize them.  The bill is already in the General Assembly.

Gerrymandering is alive and real. It’s dangerous.  The Democrat party that fought for slavery and opposed civil rights hasn’t changed in 150 years.  They still want to take your power, your guns, your speech, and give you the middle finger, just like the girl on the bicycle did to our President. She now occupies elected office.  It’s a dark day in America. Those in control of Richmond don’t care about you or me, and neither does the Governor, who still won’t say if he was in the Klan suit or wearing blackface.

David R. Lyons