Extreme protests portend disaster

Published 4:59 pm Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Editor, The Smithfield Times:

I don’t know where these dangerous confrontations will end, but I know that they are potentially disastrous for the country we know as America. The week of Aug. 16 was particularly alarming.

If you don’t like Fox News, fine, but at least they show the extent of the violence associated with many of the demonstrations, particularly those in Portland and Seattle. So mute Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity when they speak if you like, but look at the unstaged footage of the dem-mainstream media.

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Early in the week, they showed the inside of another government building in Portland where the “peaceful demonstrators” have been trying to burn the federal courthouse down for the last two months. This other building has a glass divider blocking access to the interior of the building. The demonstrators are throwing large lighted pieces of paper through the divider. A hole has been punched in the glass with a sign saying, “Squirt lighter fluid here.”

If that isn’t bad enough, right in our town and in Richmond, I read that vegan demonstrators are out in force. Let me give them a lesson in civics.

First, you align yourself with like-minded organizations, like PETA, and try to convince the public of the merits of your position. At this point, I should emphasize that I don’t really have a “dog in this fight.” I still eat meat, but have reduced my intake. Next, you contact your elected representatives and try to effect change politically. You do not pay a nighttime visit to someone you don’t even know and spray his property with pig poop. If you think that is the way to proceed, then why should you be immune from similar visits involving groups who don’t agree with your position?

So far, confusion and, at times, cowardice have marked the reaction of many conservative Americans shocked by the ferocity of the attacks from extreme “progressives.” I wish I had the time and resources to take some of these “woke” people to many of the places I have served. These folks have no idea of what we have in America, but they seem bent on destroying it anyway.

But, be advised, not everyone is ready to roll over and give up. Sanity should return and cooler heads should prevail.


Roger Healey Jr.