Voter despises campaign noise

Published 5:34 pm Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Editor, The Smithfield Times:

We now have forced upon us the Republican and Democrat barrage of election verbiage.

Seldom do either put forth their plans or visions of what they would try to accomplish if elected as president. They spend all their time criticizing each other’s faults.

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If they would just lay out their plans then the average voter could decide whom they want as their president. But, no, the voter has to interpret the meaningless accusations and the media’s biased (depending on the source) comments as to the facts. I get more common sense out of watching “Gunsmoke” reruns than I do listening to the political advertisements.

While some may not like it, the president has the responsibility to appoint the Supreme Court nominees and the Senate for concurring. Precedent in this case is not law. However, the lady being appointed by the president should not have to endure uncalled-for criticisms about race, religion, etc. Questions about the law and how she would apply it should be asked and voted upon.

There are no perfect people in or applying to be in the government; what childish act one did in the first grade of elementary school should have no bearing on being considered for a government job, be it for lifetime or six years.

When I go to the polls (no, I do not do mail in ballots) on Nov. 3, I hope to have acquired enough facts to guide me in my personal preferences on the ballot. Also, I don’t participate in opinion polls. I don’t need to know in advance who will win. Let the votes decide that. Polls made fools of a lot of people in the last presidential election.

Ray Baxter