Opposed to Mallory Farm

Published 6:43 pm Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Editor, The Smithfield Times:

I attended the Oct. 13 public hearing of the Smithfield Planning Commission. I want to express my opposition to the proposed Mallory Farm project.

It is a development proposed by Virginia Beach-based Napolitano Homes, which in approximately 436 acres wants to build a total of 1,106 homes — 410 single-homes, 144 duplex homes, 224 townhomes, 218 4-plex and 110 10-plex. This “plex” is actually named like this because they do not want to call what actually is … apartments, which are more people in less space, basically like we can find in a city. This project would be built at a very busy intersection on deficient roads (Nike Park Road and Battery Road) that are narrow with barely a shoulder and in some road sections invisible lines during the day and during the night.

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At this meeting, during my talk, I gave only a hint about what is coming not only to the Town of Smithfield, but also the Newport District and unless citizens awaken, this County will be far from the American dream. I pointed out that besides the Mallory Farm project there are more than 4,000 projected homes, of which some have already started to be executed. Is this kind of growth that citizens want? This amount of future homes will bring people who would need services and transportation such as good roads, schools, health services, police and EMS. Regarding roads, only VDOT has authority to do it and prior to those projects being executed, VDOT has no plans for anything in the area.

I believe the presence of we the citizens and multiple interventions influenced the Planning Commission to reconsider the approval and convene a public work session, which I would strongly encourage citizens attend. I think that we are very lucky to live in one of most unique, special and beautiful counties in our state and nation. We have history; we are a small community compared to other localities surrounding us. We are in an Isle in the middle of very populated cities and for this reason we should keep such that it is. If we have growth, keep it small. Preserve most of the wooded areas. Take a look at Google maps and note the difference between our county and surrounding areas.

As one of the members of the Planning Commission said: “Our county is a target for developers.” Therefore, I believe that we citizens should make our voices, opinions and concerns be heard, considered in present and future decisions.


Antonio Viudez