Writer urges Trump vote

Published 6:43 pm Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Editor, The Smithfield Times:

Over the last year, as our nation has experienced many difficult events, I have watched with anxious expectation.

As we near our national elections on Nov. 3, I am compelled to share my concerns with the readers of this newspaper. I am a local businessman, dependent upon the support of all my customers and potential customers. I know giving public support for one political party or the other is dangerous for my business. I understand that many folks greatly dislike our president for various reasons. I must admit, I don’t care for the attitudes and methods demonstrated by this administration.

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But, I am also an evangelical Christian; I desire to share my faith with others as I seek to serve them. Despite what I don’t like about the Trump presidency, I cannot support the Democratic Party’s agenda. Its positions on abortion and religious freedom are especially problematic for me. Those very issues cause me to call any professed Christian who supports that agenda to evaluate the genuineness of their faith.

The movement toward a more socialistic form of government is very problematic for an independent business person like me. I see the handling of Covid-19 issues in cities and states controlled by Democrats as a harbinger of what would happen with total Democratic control of the federal government. I believe that such control would be bad for small businesses, for educational choice, for reasonable taxation, and for governmental responsiveness.

I encourage all local citizens to prayerfully consider these concerns of mine and hopefully, you will see fit to re-elect the current administration and not vote for a failed system of government being offered by the Democratic party.


Fred Walls