Grievance list with America

Published 6:34 pm Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Editor, The Smithfield Times:

Why I won’t stand for the national anthem:

  1. Kent State
  2. Waco
  3. Ruby Ridge
  4. The Syphilis Experiment of 1932
  5. The LSD Experiment of 1947
  6. The Supreme Court decision allowing the government to conduct experiments on citizens with their consent or even their knowledge
  7. Compulsory association
  8. Thousands killed in one B.S. war after another
  9. You can never own “your” property. (Property tax, aka rent)
  10. Thousands behind bars for violating the taboos of the dominant (for now) religion
  11. Prohibition, a policy that breeds crime like garbage breeds flies, and putting people in prison for what they put in bodies
  12. Laws against porn
  13. Laws against advertising guns on TV.
  14. Laws against owning a gun if you’ve been convicted of even a nonviolent felony.
  15. The draft

Jim O McAdaragh

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