Vote count defies common sense

Published 6:08 pm Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Editor, The Smithfield Times:

First, a big “THANK YOU!” to the 23,379 people in Isle of Wight who made their choice for president known.

I wish the folks who processed the votes on the national level had done the same job as the fine folks who processed our votes in Isle of Wight. Regrettably, they did not. Yep, corruption at the national level cannot be denied, particularly in a number of states. I’m hoping only in a few states, but it would be naïve to think so.

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I think this is true because essentially every Republican running for the Senate and the House won reelection with a small number of Democrat House seats being defeated and added to the ranks of the Republicans.

Now tell me who believes that in this very polarized election that voters would vote straight Republican or Democrat in the Senate and the House elections and not vote for the Republican or Democrat at the top of the same ballot running for president?

Think about that. Whether you are a Republican or a Democrat you know how you voted up and down the ballot and thus you have got to believe that nearly anyone else who legally voted followed the same pattern.

Without any analysis beyond plain old common sense, it is clear to me that significant fraud and corruption has taken place. A voter in this election does not vote for all the down-ballot candidates and vote differently at the top! Any questions?

The burden falls to the American public to demand that those committing this corruption be ferreted out and punished for trying to stain the great American principle of open and honest elections with justice for all. Corruption is a loss for both parties, as well as all Americans.

Please join me in being a responsible citizen and making our voices heard because we love this country and will not allow blatant corruption at the very basis of our great nation.

It’s just wrong!

Al Casteen