Confident in statue task force

Published 7:09 pm Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Editor, The Smithfield Times:

In response to Mr. John Edwards’ recent “Short Rows” column (“Statue task force was doomed from the start,” Nov. 3) and a previous “Our Forum” editorial (“Task force stacked with statue activists,” Oct. 14), the writers are entitled to their opinions of doom, gloom and procrastination. However, I and the majority of my fellow Board of Supervisors members have a higher opinion of the capabilities of the members of the Monument Task Force.

They are certainly a diverse group with opposing views regarding the disposition of our Confederate monument. When (and they will) come to a majority consensus recommending the monument’s future, it will represent a common theme that must prevail in our community: a belief that people of good character can work together to resolve differences.

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Yes, in the end it will be the elected local officials who will authorize the action and fund that endeavor. In the interim, this local government will maintain a close relationship with the community’s people, listening to their constituents, before taking an action that they believe represents the county’s best interests. Will the action to be taken make everyone happy? Absolutely not, but this board shall strive to remain equal opportunity offenders.


Dick Grice

Isle of Wight County supervisor

Smithfield District