Preserve Newport Parish

Published 7:12 pm Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Editor, The Smithfield Times:

Only a short time ago, the citizens of Newport Parish in Isle of Wight County worked to stop the destruction of the Colonial Land Grants within the Carrollton area. Now, they are confronted with the destruction of the Colonial Land Grants known today as the Mallory-Scott property.

We elect officials to our Isle of Wight Board of Supervisors and our Smithfield Town Council whom we think would be excellent stewards of this lovely historic property, but frequently find ourselves disappointed by their decisions to support developers rather than value the land in a way that maintains the beauty, history and uniqueness of the area. It is OK if thousands of people DON’T come and live in the Isle of Wight Newport District. We are not required to accommodate others with housing. I ask the boards named above to please consider the need for preservation.

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Do we really want to turn this property, and the only piece of beauty left on Route 10, known as the Will Yeoman Farm, into wall-to-wall human living quarters?

Picture the Yeoman Farm for a minute. Billy Yeoman’s grandfather and my grandfather Benjamin Yeoman had farms beside each other. What is left is a beautiful piece of property inherited by grandson Billy Yeoman. Upon his death he decided it should be sold and the proceeds given to his named friends and relatives.

It would make such a beautiful place to share with the community as they walk, or ride horseback around the fields, fish in the ponds, and take quiet boat rides on Jones’ Creek. The land could still be farmed. It would also be a protected area for wildlife. We need large plots of land preserved.

It is so important that Smithfield and all of Newport Parish area be preserved and protected from developers. The historic property now known as Mallory-Scott should not be destroyed by dense housing. Any housing should be very carefully given lots of space.

We need more Joe Luters who care deeply how our area looks, and who ensure that quality of life is protected, as well as the quality of vegetation, agricultural interest and wildlife. It is painful to see beautiful trees torn down, frog ponds covered up and the landscape only having houses.

Anyway, this land stays soggy many days after it rains. This is not a good location for houses, though fine for frogs. Please save this land for future generations to enjoy.


Mary Cole