IW County Land Transfers for November

Published 5:12 pm Tuesday, December 1, 2020

NVR Inc. to Bernard Wayne Franklin; 241 Kenny Lane, Smithfield; $301,050

Gregory G. Span, trustee, to Anglers & Outfitters LLC; 147.5 acres; $315,000

Gerald Lee Eppolito to Justin K. Sachs; 413 Kendall Haven, Smithfield; $325,000

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Jessy D. Kingrey to Elizabeth June Waller; 504 Shoreline Road, Carrollton; $225,000

Michael D. Kinsey to Jalee A. Bordeaux; 100 Longview Circle, Smithfield; $339,000

Lynn Black to Michael A. Gayle; 1 Eagle Nest Lane, Smithfield; $364,900

Cynthia Thomas Roach to Steven David Street; 24012 Thomas Lane, Carrollton; $375,000

Justin Osborne to Lanie Simpson; 13178 Parkside Court, Carrollton; $349,900

P. Daniel Crumpler III to JWS VA LLC; 224 Old Sedley Road, Franklin; $275,000

Owen Williams Bissett to Michael A. Johns; 217 Moonefield Drive, Smithfield; $635,000

James C. Brady to Nicholas J. Burkhardt; 208 Keswick Place; $330,000

NVR Inc. to Franklin Jestr; 249 Kenny Lane, Smithfield; $318,000

NVR Inc. to Kerry TerryAnn Lee; 205 Kenny Lane, Smithfield; $298,805

EW Benns Grant LLC to NVR Inc.; lot 160 Benns Grant; $107,700

IWC Residential Inc. to Shannon L. Glisan; 129 Manor Drive, Carrollton; $422,000

Michael Walter to Marion Keith McCleland; 2204 James River Trail, Carrollton; $209,900

Marion K. McCleland to Joseph Bales; 3 parcel Route 258 Walters Village; $225,000

PennyMac Loan Service to Kelsei B. Saunders; 113 Williamson Park Lane, Smithfield; $245,000

George N. Hamrick III to Marcus Davis; 2214 Northgate Drive, Carrollton; $441,000

Edward Miller to Corey Critzer; 106 Cypress Avenue, Smithfield; $283,000

Lionel Smith to Town of Smithfield; lot 14 Pinewood Heights; $73,600

John Knox, trustee, to Franklin M. Soriano Jr.; 301 Pagan Ridge, Smithfield; $950,000

James G. Wells to AB Homes LLC; 5 acre parcel Wells Estate; $75,000

Joseph A. Vaughan Jr. to Alex Dale Bauder; 32330 Walters Highway, Franklin; $225,000

Susan E. Braudrick to Joshua Davis Shirley; 21139 Reynolds Drive, Carrollton; $290,000

Robert W. Perry to Jennifer Morgan Peirce; 6458 Fire Tower Road, Zuni; $355,000

Just Right Homes LLC to Daniel W. Edgell; 443 Spring Hill Place, Smithfield; $369,900

Mary G. Woodson to Billez Incorporated; par B1 Chester L. Carr; $27,200

Allen L. Lewis to Katherine Cooper; 13163 Windward Place, Carrollton; $410,000

Aaron M. Bailey to Shirley Pagan; 14245 Poor House Road, Windsor; $225,000

Dorothy Broadwater to Mary M. Hughes; 18057 Cypress Crossing, Smithfield; $600,000

Almond Contracting to David C. Matuszak; 120 Cockes Lane, Smithfield; $38,000

George W. and Betty Jo … to Angela rowell Barry; 24244 Buck Run Lane, Zuni; $424,000

EW Benns Grant LLC to NVR Inc.; lot 165 and 179 Benns Grant; $215,400

EW Benns Grant LLC to NVR Inc.; lot 337 and 338 Benns Grant; $126,000

William F. Hickerson to Gary Siemers; 16357 Smithfield Heights, Smithfield; $390,000

NVR Inc. to Matthew Nathan Crawfoot; 354 Oak Hill Lane, Smithfield; $467,154

Ann Hunter Simpson to William D. Debnam Jr.; lot 2 Smithfield Manor; $210,000

Michael M. Walker Jr. to Andrea Johnson; 13278 Beacon Hill Way, Carrollton; $420,000

Stafford C. Claud Jr. to Robert T. Boyd; 15236 Ashby Way, Carrollton; $384,000

Robert A. Brinck to Deborah K. Bunn, trustee; lot 2 Ronald W. Mitchell; $73,000

Burrell Robinson Jr. to Gonzolus M. Taylor; 5149 Owens Lane, Smithfield; $125,100

AJS Properties LLC to Chase Lee Cali; 303 Cannon Drive, Carrollton; $252,000

Mary D. Crocker to LSMP LLC; 219 acres Delk Farm; $2,040,000

Brett W. Vaughn, trustee, to Kevin W. Johnson; lot 141 Lawnes Point on the James; $141,375

Robert Hill to Rebecca F. Gibson; 302 Blue Heron Trail, Carrollton; $146,000

Cypress Investment Homes to Eagle Construction of Virginia; lots 233, 327, 345 Cypress Creek; $345,000

AB Homes LLC to Thomas A. Daniels; 11321 Raynor Road, Smithfield; $394,150

Rodney D. Edwards to Megan Sarah Krahn; 17488 Bob White, Windsor; $189,000

William L. Moore to Claude Allen Hardison III; 105 Grandville Arch, Smithfield; $430,000

Virginia Premix LLC to Craig William Bosmans; 23094 Greenwood Court, Carrollton; $290,000

Rodney K. Bordeaux to James R. Swan; 206 Lakeview Cove, Smithfield; $249,900

RAS Trustee Services to Newrez LLC; no description given; $176,505

Travis Battles to Samuel Jerard Matthews; 125 Liberty Way, Carrollton; $514,800

Lonnie L. Williams to Charles B. Black; 108 Gregory Drive, Carrollton; $255,000

EW Benns Grant LLC to NVR Inc.; lots 161 and 170 Benns Grant; $215,400

NVr Inc. to Edward Christopher Johnson; 106 Asbury Way, Smithfield; $386,740

Beau c. Theall to James E. Kooiker; 14243 Benns Church, Smithfield; $185,000

Kyle Yager to Cory Thomas Walls; 359 Spring Hills Place, Smithfield; $385,000

Cecelia Holloway to Leticia Mercado; 2 acres on Highway 58; $20,000

Thomas L. Gause, trustee, to Benjamin Carr; 11005 Windsor Way, Windsor; $309,900

William D. Moore to Dominic A. Eppolito; 4791 Old Stage Highway; $199,900

Anthony S. Edwards to Robert Macon Hodges III; 10478 Albert Court; $335,000

Jones Creek Associates to Up the Creek Investments LLC; .57 acre and .0136 acre Rescue village; $696,264

RAS Trustee Services LLC to Clearview Homes VA LLC; no description given; $200,000

Andrew C. Johnson to Deborah J. Banks; lot 11 Moonefield Estates; $262,500

Reverse Mortgage to CCC Virginia LLC; 24134 Deer Path Trail, Windsor; $190,000

James B. Chapman to Joseph L. Owens II; 15565 Carroll Bridge, Smithfield; $115,000

Useful Earth LLC to Trevin K. Bare; 425 Lawnes Neck Drive, Smithfield; $170,000

Jeffrey K. Daniels to Matthew Helton; 125 Grandville Arch, Smithfield; $415,000

Charles D. Hughes to Andrew C. Johnson; 20648 Rivers Bend Place, Smithfield; $435,000

Founders Pointe LLC to Birdsong Builders Inc.; lot 227 Founders Pointe; $92,500

Jay A. Padgett to Irvin T. Whitley Jr.; 21174 Titus Creek Drive, Carrollton; $75,000

Georgia Anita Murdock to Ian Brim; 216 Salter Court, Smithfield; $259,900

Fausto Daniel Fortin to Christopher Charles Jordan; 16349 Smithfield Heights, Smithfield; $332,500

Harry D. Whitley to Justin G. Whitley; 31294 Walters Highway, Franklin; $312,000

Christopher C. Leitner to Fowl Wing Farms LLC; 127.41 acres; $105,000

Barbara Evans Knight to Robert Eugene Quinn Jr.; 13139 Starboard Circle, Carrollton; $325,000

PH Forest Investments to John Hancock Life Insurance; multiple parcels Camp Manufacturing; $8,886,361

PH Forest Investments to Boston Timber Opportunities LLC; multiple parcels Camp Manufacturing; $3,031,743

Amy L. Hover to Raymond Atkins; 2.26 acre parcel; $335,000

Eric M. Johnston to Alek Styles Major; 214 Salter Court, Smithfield; $315,000

Karen Ray to Richard H. Preisser III; 6522 Fire Tower Road, Zuni; $349,000

NVR INc. to Renita Jones; 219 Williamson Park, Smithfield; $344,924

Brothers Properties to Christopher N. Kelley; 1120 Smiths Neck Road Carrollton; $290,000

Pioneer Investment Group to Nicole D. hardy; lots 26 27 28 Owens Property; $40,000

Jonathan I. Mendelsohn to Tyler J. Boyle; lot 28 section 1C Gatling Pointe South; $385,000

Stephen V. Vozzelli to Melanie Mumford; 103 Beech Court, Smithfield; $361,000

EW Benns Grant LLC to NVR Inc.; lots 369 and 370 Benns Grant; $126,000

Sandra Schreiber to Jami Thompson; 2002 James River Trail, Carrollton; $191,900

Tidewater Custom Modular Homes to Robert H. Williams; lot 1 and lot 26 Middle SStreet Windsor Avenue; $254,258

Robert E. Smith to Marcus Jerome Robinson Jr.; 21500 Garrison Drive, Windsor; $177,000

David E. Bakos to Steven Parker Jr.; 20 St. Catherine Drive, Carrollton; $335,000

David Francis Chacon to Liberty Land Group LLC; lot 115 Lawnes Point on the James; $18,750

NVR Inc. to Bob Moore; 237 Kenny Lane, Smithfield; $310,000

Mitchell P. Valentine to James Race; 23091 Harbor Towne Drive, Carrollton; $410,000

Jeffrey E. Bowling to Joseph P. Richards; 13401 Anchor Court, Carrollton; $390,000

John J. Campbell to Ryan C. Phillips II; 213 Oakwood Lane, Smithfield; $294,900

WH at Hulls Creek LLC to Joseph Eugene Kelley Jr.; 25266 Kelsie St., Windsor; $318,250

Jeffrey A. Rarig, trustee, to Traci Joy Patrick; 106 Commodore Lane, Smithfield; $420,000

Adam C. Carrigan to Eric Matthew Johnson; 105 Whitehead Farm Lane, Smithfield; $284,900

Winnie Payne to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; no description given; $151,929

Joel R. Rivera to Justin L. Osborne; 213 Summerhouse Lane, Carrollton; $349,900

Mary Lee W. Willis to Jeremy Seward; 67E Windsor Blvd., Windsor; $165,000

FFC Properties LLC to Adam C. Carrigan; 7458 Mill Creek Drive, Zuni; $350,000

WH at Hulls Creek LLC to Gertian Xhafa; 11497 Savannah St., Windsor; $308,997

Sierra L. Blakely to Nakia A. McRavin; 303 Lakeview Cove, Smithfield; $235,000

Stephen J. Powers to Sierra L. Blakely; 207 Winchester Place, Smithfield; $315,000

NVR Inc. to Jurony Gray; 221 Kenny Lane, Smithfield; $287,740

NVr Inc. to Ashanti Samuel; unit 5D Benns Grant Condominium; $273,500

NVR Inc. to Daniel Sherman Burgess; 140 Bridger Drive, Smithfield; $401,250

Constance Howard to James L. Easley Jr.; lot 25 WH Sykes; $7,000

AB Homes LLC to Jesse James Jenkins; 23492 Birkenbog Way, Zuni; $430,937

Pine Crest Mobile Home to Carrollton Ventures LLC; multiple parcels the Laurels and lot Carrie Fawcett; $500,000

Christopher D. Agle to Trevor J. Vranicar; 13460 Ashley Park Court, Carrollton; $435,000

Devan T. Gresham to Ladavia Rochell Abron-Empy; 205 Herons Cove, Carrollton; $173,000