In sarcastic appreciation

Published 5:16 pm Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Editor, The Smithfield Times:

I want to thank President Donald Trump for the following:

  1. The robbery of the American people of their hard-earned tax monies that he passed to millionaires and billionaires through his so-called tax breaks for America.
  2. The tariffs that other countries were going to pay. Somehow the hard-working American people ended up paying again. The tariffs forced us to bail out the American farmers, at least twice, to the tune of several billion dollars. Additionally, the increased cost of goods from countries being tarrifed were paid for by the American worker.
  3. The huge increase in the deficit and debt. I suspect more than $3 trillion in debt and $1 trillion in annual deficit. Also, the Federal Reserve has pumped huge sums into the stock market.
  4. The tearing apart of families seeking safe refuge in America (the land of immigrants). Trump and Steven Miller should get giant awards (of disgust) for destroying the lives of more than 600 children and babies. That’s Trump’s American way.
  5. The brilliant suggestion that fires in the Western states would not be occurring if they raked the areas on a regular basis. He missed another outstanding suggestion by forgetting to tell the people in Louisiana to stand on the beach and blow real hard to stop the hurricanes from coming ashore.
  6. The private interviews with Bob Woodward on the real dangers of COVID-19 and then lying continuously to the American people (how many lives did that cost America?). The bragging about the great job he has done, although more than 250,000 people have died as a result of his lies and lack of action.
  7. The refusal to accept the election results and therefore deny the incoming president needed information that will save American lives. Trump does not care about several thousand additional lives and to make sure everyone understands he hires Rudy Guiliani to continue pushing lies on a daily basis.


Edmond Easter