Out-of-towners’ opinions valid

Published 7:11 pm Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Editor, The Smithfield Times:

I read where the newspaper poll on the Confederate monument was described as “hijacked” by a special interest group because they notified their members to express their opinion in this public and open forum. If it were for only Isle of Wight residents, the poll should have stated such.

I realize that out-of-town opinions on this issue are rejected by many. I do understand why non-residents have an opinion in reference to the Isle of Wight Monument to Confederate Dead since it was placed as a tombstone for their dead family members whom this state and county sent to fight in a war regardless of their personal opinions.

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I do know and have read the legislation (three separate drafts in 18 months) wherein the Confederacy required that everyone ages 17 to 55 would be sent to fight. Nowhere in the Confederate Government legislation have I read that if a draftee did not agree with why he was being sent to fight he could go home.

I have expressed my opinion in reference to North Carolina monuments, while not a resident of that state, because those monuments were erected to honor my family they sent to fight.

One thing I see in print over and over that is untrue is the comment that people must pass the current monument to go to the courthouse. The monument currently is approximately a quarter-mile from any currently used courthouse. Unless they want lots of extra exercise, the current court can be accessed without ever seeing the Monument to Confederate Dead.

The comment in the same article that stated if current elected officials make decisions that their constituents that voted for them favor is a “popularity contest” makes no sense to me. I vote and support candidates who support my views, not those who do not. Find me someone that votes for representatives to represent them who tell them that they will vote against the issues that they favor. I vote for and support candidates and representatives that I feel will represent me and my views, not those of people I disagree with.

I have it from a good source that no matter what happens with the Isle of Wight Monument to Confederate Dead that there will be a perpetual and visible monument to those dead erected in this county no matter who likes it or who does not. The First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution ensures that no one can prevent this from happening.

I also have it from a very reliable source that the person who states they will erect this monument cannot be made afraid by political correctness or retribution. They refuse to bow to cancel culture or fear of any kind, no matter what.


Volpe Boykin