Preserve all of IW

Published 6:28 pm Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Editor, The Smithfield Times:

I love the “Preserve Smithfield” page on Facebook, and I agree, but it should be “Preserve Isle of Wight County.” The entire county is being overdeveloped.

I have never lived in Smithfield but grew up in Isle of Wight County (in the beautiful little village of Battery Park) and my husband and I have lived in Battery Park (lucky to live in the house where I grew up) since 2001. Last night I was reminded how much I love Battery Park. Our grandson and his girlfriend were here and we talked a lot about what it was like growing up here.

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I realize life cannot stay the same, that changes are made, that modernization is bound to happen, but at what cost? Our rural beauty is being taken from us: busy highways, crowded schools, houses and apartments being built so fast you have to wonder how well built they are!

Support for local businesses is not here. I admit my doctors are all “across the JRB,” but we try and support “local” as much as we can. If continuous building has to be done, why not build to support the Isle of Wight residents already here? Schools, a hospital, a large store (not necessarily a Wally World, but something similar).

Building and support for current IW residents is what we need, not overcrowding and taking away our beautiful farmlands and wooded areas. I 100% approve the preservation of Smithfield and all surrounding areas in Isle of Wight County!


Deborah Vaccarelli

Battery Park