Sad scene in D.C.

Published 5:12 pm Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Editor, Smithfield Times,

Decades ago I heard or read about Watergate and they said that while Nixon wasn’t involved in Watergate, apparently everybody thought he was, so he resigned because he thought sitting in a White House surrounded by bayonets wouldn’t go over too good.

So on Biden’s first day as president we have a White House surrounded by bayonets. Makes you wonder what’s coming next.

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Democrats will say the bayonets were in response to the riots. But Republican presidential candidates have lost to Democrats lots of times and there was never a response like this. So what’s the difference this time?

Faced with a very awkward situation, this is all they had to save the day: “Racism!” That’s their fallback position. But even radio talk show hosts were denouncing the rioters, saying that the rest of us should be nice and play by the rules.


Jim P. McAdaragh