Fearing social engineering attacks? Protect it with these methods!

Published 1:51 pm Thursday, March 25, 2021

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Imagine that you are working in a big corporation. One day your company faces malicious activity, and all its data gets lost. What will be your reaction? Have you been preparing for this uncertainty? Did you ever imagine that you can face such a situation? Maybe you have because big and small companies are aware of the data breaches. However, that’s not the question. 

The query is, are you fully prepared for it?

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Many companies spend a large chunk of their budget on protective tools like firewalls or antivirus. Do you know what the fastest-growing crime at the global level is? It is cyber-crime. 

Let us support this with some facts!

  1. According to Accenture Security’s 2019 report, the most costly cyber-crime attack is malware. 
  2. The same report reported that 85% of the companies experience phishing and social engineering attacks. 

Now a big question – What are these attacks? 

Basically, these are the incidents where, rather than targeting the device, the hacker targets an individual. The wrongdoer starts manipulating the trust of the person. This is done to take out confidential information such as credit card data

What are more examples of these? Let us figure it out!

  1. Phishing – This term gained prominence in the mid-1990s. It is the type of cyber-crime that uses email as a weapon. As the word “Phish” is pronounced as “fish,” the hacker intentionally throws a baited hook in the form of an email and hopes that you click on it. The email comes with a lucrative deal to attract the victim. 

For instance – The message goes something like this “you have won a lottery” or “Your password should be changed immediately.” In this way, they are encouraged to enter some vital financial information or download the attachment, possibly carrying malware. The moment the user clicks on the link or attachment in the mail, they lose the data. 

  1. Quid Pro Quo – This technique involves a person where he requests critical information from the user. In exchange, he offers some kind of service. For example, an employee is getting a phone call from a person acting as a technological expert. He offers to give you free IT assistance in return for login credentials. If you accept the offer, then you are the victim of Quid Pro Quo. 
  2. Piggybacking – It is also known as tailgating. It is the technique where an unauthorized person physically enters the restricted corporate area by following an authorized person. For instance, a person can excuse the employee that they want to borrow their laptop for some time. Within this time, the criminal quickly installs the malicious software in the system. 
  3. Scareware – It is a malicious method where the users are manipulated with some pop-ups that instigate them to download or buy specific software. It is also referred to as deception software. It directs you to a malicious site, and your system can become infected. And when you download or buy such software, you are exposing your personal data. So be careful!

These were a few types of social engineering attacks. You do not want your company to suffer from these, so what preventive measures can you take? 

Let us get started!

  1. Do not disclose your personal information – Do you give your information to any random person? No, right! Do not spill the beans unnecessarily on the web when it comes to providing your private information. Do not pay heed to the sender if you cannot identify him/her. Always think of the outcomes that can happen later.
  2. Stay careful with your password – Are you in the habit of using the same password on every platform? Then here comes the pro tip. Never use the same password on every platform. Delete all the sessions and browsing history after finishing your work.

What more can you do for your company?

You can hire an MSP. So what is it? Short for a Managed service provider, it provides management services to the organizations. The operations are performed over the internet and help the clients to cut the cost. Let us learn what makes a good managed service partner!

  1. They will look into your data needs and provide cyber-security.
  2. They will provide 24/7 support and also good on-site maintenance support.
  3. They will prevent you from any unfortunate event. They do so by installing high tools like antivirus software or firewalls. 
  4. You do not want your data to lose suddenly. Therefore, the MSP provider will give you great back-up facilities and cloud services. 

So it’s like you are getting a bundle of advantages from a single source. Isn’t that exceptional?

Bottom line

When the world is advancing with technology, it is crucial to maintain digital secrecy. We have got you covered with some tips to protect your organization from social engineering threats. You can take the necessary actions to keep your company away from these attacks. May you be safe from any digital threat!