Church parking lot wall damaged

Published 5:29 pm Tuesday, April 20, 2021

An unknown driver recently backed into a parking lot wall at Christ Episcopal Church and then sent a small sum of money in apology, church member Mary Cole said.

After the walls of Christ Episcopal Church were preserved as part of a huge preservation project, someone backed into the wall Joe Luter constructed around the church parking lot years ago and knocked down the brick entrance pillow and the wall around it down, Cole stated in an email. It happened sometime around April 6.

“The church received an anonymous and much appreciated apology in writing along with a small portion of what the wall is going to cost to repair,” Cole wrote.

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Christ Church is still trying to raise money to pay the bills from the preservation project as a whole and still must complete work on the stucco on the outside of the church as well as perform work on the tower housing its 1832 bell.

In addition to these things, an HVAC system controlling second-floor classrooms is not functioning and will need to be replaced.

“Keeping up this historic structure is more than this little church congregation can do,” Cole wrote. “It truly does take a village. The church has appreciated the help of those who have contributed to its preservation.”

Services are taking place at 10 a.m. each Sunday for a limited number of attendees during the pandemic. Write Eric Leaman at for reservations. Or, should you like a tour, call the church office at 757-357-2826 to arrange a visit. Christ Episcopal Church is located on the corner of Church and Main Streets in Smithfield’s Historic District.