Viral video wrong reason to fire cop

Published 6:33 pm Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Editor, The Smithfield Times:

I have read with keen interest the story reported in The Smithfield Times about the Windsor traffic stop by Officers Gutierrez and Crocker.

The Windsor police chief stated (according to the Times) that the officer would not have been fired if the story had not gone viral. The Windsor Town Council backed up the chief on this statement. Now I ask: What has going viral got to do with proper police procedures?

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Why did it take so long for management to take action pro or con to the officers? Why do the police chief and town manager still have a job after this fiasco? The chief is responsible for all actions in his department. The town manager is responsible for all town actions.

If an officer is performing his duties in a racist manner, then either he was not properly trained by the chief or he should have been previously fired. But to fire someone because the incident went viral is absolutely first-grade nonsense.

Apparently the citizen who caused the traffic incident had previously been in contact with the police in Windsor. If he is a repeat speeder, he should pay the price for his actions. I understand that the citizen is an officer in the U.S. Army. He should return and review his oath of office as to conduct unbecoming to an officer in the military.

I am neither a judge or jury, however, racism for any reason cannot be condoned or allowed for any reason or excuse.

I have lived in Isle of Wight County 31 years, and I have heard many times that the town of Windsor is a “speed trap.” When this condition exists, there will always be resentment, especially by people who perceive they have been mistreated verbally or physically.

Anyone who incites the police to issue a ticket is far more racist than the officer performing his job. If all the items in the Times concerning this incident are true facts, then hopefully the Town of Windsor has its insurance paid up to date.


Ray Baxter