IW County land transfers for April

Published 5:12 pm Tuesday, July 6, 2021

The following land transfers were recorded in Isle of Wight County Circuit Court for the month of April:

Lorna G. Ward to Raeann M. Daman; 10 Roberts Ave., Windsor; $210,000

NVR Inc. to Gregory Platt; 212 Riley Way, Smithfield; $309,745

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Cynthia M. Bailey to Eric Louis Womack 10261 Center St., Carrollton; $269,900

Kenneth M. Davis to Garrett B. Ellison; 15316 Scotts Factory, Smithfield; $234,900

Eagle Construction to Nathan Cross; 13112 Cypress Creek, Smithfield; $557,425

Ashdon Builders Inc. to Kathleen Hagens; 11437 Lena Rose St., Windsor; $326,341

Adam T. Lankford to Rebecca A. Zambas; 21406 James River Trail, Carrollton; $183,500

Gary W. Cates, trustee, to John Frederick Tipton; lot 23 Hazelwood; $45,000

Karen Edwards Wills to Lakeside MHV LLC; remainder 56 acres tract; $540,000

Russell S. Dunlow to Victoria Louis Pulliam; 44 N. Court St., Winndsor; $252,000

William D. Pruden to Kenneth E. Richter; ΒΌ acre on Smiths Neck; $138,000

Richard F. Preissser to Sean M. Arnot; 17262 Jolly Circle, Windsor; $182,000

EW Benns Grant LLC to NVR Inc.; lots 207 and 218 ph 8 Benns Grant; $216,520

Joseph E. Fisher to Mary Williams Brooks; 202 Winterberry Lane, Smithfield; $355,000

Sally M. Hubbard to Megan L. Freeman; 31331 Community House Drive, Carrsville; $85,000

Gary M. Boyle, trustee, to Casey Lee Jarman; 18321 Muddy Cross Drive, Smithfield; $486,000

Clark G. Lamp II to Shawnna L. Daniels; 13313 Woodlake Drive, Carrollton; $409,000

IWC Residential Inc. to Tamara Enjoli Smith; 265 Manor Drive, Carrollton; $513,065

James Holloman to Michael Brian Miller; 6936 Mill Creek Drive, Zuni; $389,500

Allen Benjamin Jones to Joan Yvonne Locey; lot 38 tr 2 ph 7 Eagle Harbor; $310,000

WH at Hulls Creek LLC to Shawn D. Keyes; 11409 Lena Rose St., Windsor; $331,700

Diane M. Rogers to Colleen Cohen; lot 28 sec 1 James River Shores; $163,000

Daniel Marlin to King Martin Opare Offei; 126 Spring Meadow, Smithfield; $375,000

Right Move Realty LLC to David J. Moose; 14388 Burwells Bay, Smithfield; $65,000

Otey Theodore Driggs to Rodney A. Moore; 19551 Oliver Drive, Smithfield; $205,000

Capers R. Cockrell to Dale Steffensmeier; 11204 Park Place, Smithfield; $55,000

Martin Bennningfield to Erik Travis Faircloth; 302A Smithfield Blvd., Smithfield; $385,000

Ashdon Builders Inc. to Kenneth R. Gibson; 11429 Lena Rose St., Windsor; $307,540

William Allen Dorsey III to Todd Reiman; lot 25 Lawnes Point on the James; $165,000

Eagle Construction to Michael Ealum Holley; 1201 Cypress Creek, Smithfield; $532,003

NVR Inc. to Gbolahan Oluyemisi Olawoye; 215 Williamson Park Lane, Smithfield; $341,710

Jake Vaughan to Tyler G. Brookes; 16320 Smithfield Heights, Smithfield; $350,000

Shavonda Jamison to Michael W. Goodwin; 22249 Tradewinds Drive, Carrollton; $400,000

Founders Pointe LLC to Sasser Construction LC; 3200 Tyre Neck Road, Portsmouth; $587,500

Cedar Homes Investments to Robin Charles Miller; 217551 Colosse Road, Carrsville; $345,000

Liberty Land Group LLC to Vernon Edward Mason; 220 Lane Crescent, Smithfield; $47,000

Terence W. Healy to Zachary Storm Pappas; 207 Sunrise Bluff, Smithfield; $471,500

Michael F. Carpenter to Oakland Equities LLC; park Brewers Creek; $100

NVR Inc. to Phyllis R. Riley; lot 182 ph 7 Benns Grant; $391,185

EW Benns Grant LLC to NVR Inc.; lots 217 and 259 ph 8 Benns Grant; $196,520

Atlantic Trustees Service to Federal National Mortgage Association; no description given; $105,200

AB Homes LLC to lot 15 Allendale Estates; Shawn Ryan Graham; 5428 Oxford Court, Smithfield; $370,200

Wilford Hatcher to Rex Allen Hatcher; 17219 Riddick Road, Smithfield; $37,500

Robert L. Sutton to Lindsay D. Hooks; 2375 North Shore Drive, Smithfield; $30,000

Robert Lee Sutton to Lindsay D. Hooks; 2375 North Shore Drive, Smithfield; $650,000

Lawnes Creek Lots to Mikiah Everett; lot 94 Lawnes Point on the James; $50,000

Edward Richards to Benjamin S. Cloniger; lot 8 Mount Holly Creek; $110,000

Joseph A. Harbin to Alexandar M. Addison; 252 Oak Hill Lane, Smithfield; $450,000

Pamela B. Alexander to Joemon Dequia Artis; lot 48 Jamestown Annex; $28,000

Founders Pointe LLC to Maison Builders Inc.; lot 223 sec 2D4 ph 2 Founders Pointe; $95,000

Founders Pointe LLC to Maison Builders Inc.; lot 242 sec 2D3 ph 2 Founders Pointe; $95,000

Charlotte L. Carl to Jessica Lynn Grant; 212 Oakwood Lane, Smithfield; $324,500

Lawnes Creek Lots LLC to Michael L. Everett Jr.; lot 95 Lawnes Point on the James; $50,000

Joyce Edwards-Williams to Jqwan M. Green; 1.324 acre Uzzle property; $172,000

IWC Residential Inc. to Cedric Jamaal Jackson; 127 Courtney Lane,Carrollton; $487,360

NVR Inc. to Warren Winchester Sr.; 133 Asbury Way, Smithfield; $466,480

Scott K. Robinson to Billy W. Nahrebecki; 57.34 acre Hunt Club Road; $207,500

Askew Enterprises Inc. to Franklin E. Hall Real Estate LLC; 405 Grace St., Smithfield; $100,000

Elsie Kaye Rowland to Justin P. Lowery; 15350 Mill Swamp Road, Smithfield; $125,000

William Thompson Jr. to Maria Guadalupe Valdez; 1.38 acre lot 3 RR Turner; $275,000

Joshua Clinton Smith to Gail Jennifer Maio; 1411 Cypress Creek, Smithfield; $861,212

Timothy E. Perkins to Lana Favero; 11062 Park Place, Smithfield; $365,000

EW Benns Grant LLC to NVR Inc.; lot 279 ph 1A Benns Grant; $98,260

NVr Inc. to Andrew John Gruzenski; 120 Spring Grove Way; $289,250

Brian L. Gruber to Daniel E. Kirby; 328 Grace St., Smithfield; $750,000

Christopher R. Prevatt to Nevin D. Stevens; 10448 Sylvia Circle, Windsor; $335,000

James Renard Hall Sr. to Odette Daughtry-Rodgers; lots 30, 31 and 32 Jamestown; $12,000

Eagle Construction to Peter Nathan Carr; 212 Royal Birkdale, Smithfield; $477,612

Clifton R. Bukowsky II to James Roy Miller; 15577 Mill Swamp Road, Smithfield; $455,000

Carl L. Sykes to Michael Savage; 13168 Harbor Drive, Carrollton; $380,000

Zachary T. Gaskins to James E. Gaffos; 20340 Garrison, Windsor; $198,000

Norman r. Seip to Equity Trust Company; lot 104 ph 3 Cypress Creek; $119,000

Penny Carr Duke to Douglas Maxwell Gibbs; 27117 Duke Meadows, Carrsville; $300,000

Julie Y. Cullom to Zachary T. Gaskins; 112 Arabian Trail, Smithfield; $400,000

John M. Risucci to Joseph Allen Perkins; 23088 Greenwood Court, Carrollton; $402,500

EW Benns Grant LLC to NVR Inc.; lot 365 and 366 ph 10A2 Benns Grant; $127,200

Ashdon Builders Inc. to Jordan T. Baum; 11398 Lena Rose St., Windsor; $392,589

WH at Hulls Creek LLC to Paul Walter Bumblis; 12020 Lena Rose St., Windsor; $335,025

Christopher S. Spady to Samuel J. Kirchmeier; 1219 Founders Pointe, Carrollton; $495,000

NVR Inc. to Summer Gutliffe; 351 Oak Hill Lane, Smithfield; $385,690

James C. Smith Jr. to 757 Building Company; 1 acre adjacent to Beach Road; $27,500

NVR Inc. to Adrian Emil Feliz; 125 Spring Grove Way, Smithfield; $244,430

Cypress Investment Homes to Eagle Construction of VA LLC; lot 336 ph 7A lots 323 ph 7B lots 342, 361, 362 and 363 ph 7C Cypress Creek; $595,000

NVR Inc. to William C. Albert; 213 Riley Way, Smithfield; $279,650

Current Homes LLC to Joseph M. Frick; 12458 White House Road, Smithfield; $174,900

Robert L. Dain to Christopher Pierce Carey; 134 Liberty Way, Carrollton; $581,000

Kimberly S. Orange to Vernon Lawrence; 150 Shelter Cove Way, Carrollton; $79,000

Martin Cofer to Bradley R. Monteiro; 11012 Central Hill Road, Windsor; $32,500

Montage R. Rainey to Richard Ward; 508 King Court, Smithfield; $395,000

Craig Campbell to Miles L. Sledge; 795 Smithfield Road, Smithfield; $335,000

Dennis S. Wilt to Douglas A. Williams; 218 Red Point Drive, Smithfield; $169,000

Kevin M. Valentine to Curtis Sweigart; 917 Canteberry Lane, Smithfield; $716,000

Manning Investments LLC to Scott A. Grimes; lots 115, 116, 117 and 118 Jamestown Annex; $88,500

Gregory C. Goings to Ivy Land Company; 60 acres Miles Keen Farm; $47,000

NVR Inc. to Alexander Bradley; 209 Riley Way, Smithfield; $306,990

NVR Inc. to Margaret Fenton; 128 Spring Way, Smithfield; $229,675

David H. Jamison to Phillip D. Davis; 915 Overlook Terrace, Carrollton; $240,000

Cozy Homes Inc. to Kyle Ilsley; 18537 Farm Road, Smithfield; $550,000

Steven E. Walker to Rudolph D. Skinner Jr.; lot 33 Jamestown; $15,000

Brandon D. Mieras to Patrick J. Florey; 232 S. Mason St., Smithfield; $254,900

Eagle Construction to Peter Thomas Freeman; 105 Deerfield, Smithfield; $491,478

Grant Etheridge to William O. Goings; 877 Maple Court, Smithfield; $265,000

Travis R. Peirce to Christopher Brinkley; 7064 Lauren Drive, Smithfield; $250,000

Gerard J. DePasquale to Comfort Living LLC; lots 1, 2, and 3 sec 1 James River Shores; $170,000

Stanley Jones IV to Festus Akindele-Obe; 15073 Wineberry Court, Carrollton; $303,000

EW Benns Grant LLC to NVR Inc.; lot 208 ph 8 Benns Grant; $118,820

NVR Inc. to Cierra Campbell; 132 Spring Grove Way, Smithfield; $276,660

James Nicholas Ray to Anthony L. Bowe Jr.; 602 Westminster Reach, Smithfield; $550,000

James Truitt to Robert H. Cook Jr; 15464 Mt. Holly Creek, Smithfield; $250,000

Jack Hassell to Austin Hawley; 20135 Hampton St., Battery Park; $312,000

Loni-Marie Smith to Kyle T. Previti; 13428 Crest Circle, Smithfield; $220,000

Roberto M. Esquivel to Tara M. James; 23260 Courthouse Highway, Windsor; $370,700

Surety Trustees LLC to Finance of America Reverse LLC; no description given; $168,130

Larry W. Taylor to Anne M. Miller, trustee; 13339 Track Lane, Smithfield; $200,000

Sue C. Hennegan to Philip P. Shafer Jr.; 13401 Prince Andrew, Carrollton; $236,000

Cypress Investment Homes to Eagle construction; lots 70-76 ph 6 sec A Cypress Creek; $612,500

Patrick L. Beatty to James T. Atkinson Jr.; 23117 Harbor Towne, Carrollton; $436,000

Bhusan Ulak to Douglas Scott Lord Jr.; 104 Williamson Park Lane, Smithfield; $338,000

Andrew A. Grayson to Samuel Garrett Crawford; lot 25 sec 2 Carrollton Meadows; $365,000

Latasha D. Chavis to Gallon Estates II LLC; lot 7 blk D Sykes; $60,000

Frederick L. Kochey to Morris Barco Sr.; 708 Cedar St., Smithfield; $142,000

WH at Hulls Creek LLC to Timothy M. Jackson; 25263 Kelsie St., Windsor; $376,190

Thomas Arthur Wunder to Kaelyn O. Enderlin; 213 Winchester Place, Smithfield; $380,000

Douglas H. Farrell Jr. to Dennis Veron Jones; 3289 S. Shore Drive, Smithfield; $455,000

Roy D. Ruth to Windsor Self Storage LLC; 130 Liberty, Carrollton; $1,000,000

Janice B. Mongesku to Robert Earl Beale; 20262 Waterfront Lane, Carrollton; $120,000

Vivian G. Parker to Nannie R. G. Walker; 14045 Blue Ridge Trail, Windsor; $15,184