Pre-Rolled Cones Company Expands with 420 Accessories

Published 10:44 am Saturday, July 10, 2021

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King Palm, a brand known for its all-natural leaf wraps, recently expanded its selection to a huge inventory of smoking accessories.

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The King Palm brand developed an innovative alternative to blunt wraps with its deliciously slow-burning Cordia leaves. Hand-rolled from all-natural ingredients, these leaf wraps changed the blunt smoking game.

Now, customers can find more than just an incredible alternative to blunt wraps. Clients will see a vast selection of 420 accessories like rolling supplies, grinders, ashtrays, clothing, merch, and more. King Palm has been featured on Sf weekly for having the best alternative to rolling papers

Flavored Filter Tips


King Palm revolutionized the world of blunt and joint smoking with Cordia leaf wraps. But another innovation fans may not know about is unlimited options for flavored filter tips offered on the site.

What makes these filter tips so unique are the blend of natural ingredients, expertly rolled design, and delicious flavor options.

Each tip is made with organically grown corn husks and hand rolled for the perfect product. The flavor enhancements are created through an infusion of terpenes and food-grade essential oils.

This blend of natural ingredients yields a satisfying, refreshing hint of flavor for any dry herb or flower.

King Palm’s expanded inventory includes a variety of different flavors like Banana Cream, Magic Mint, and Berry Terps.

Weed Grinders For Sale And Other Accessories

Every lover of dry herb understands the importance of a quality grinder to make the smoking experience seamless. King Palm decided to address this with a line of weed grinders to create the most streamlined smoke.

The grinders offered at King Palm come in a range of styles like 2-piece, 4-piece, and even grinder cards.

For lighters and ashtrays, King Palm provides customers with an option for high-quality products with exciting designs. Any 420 lover can find an exceptional option to light up their leaf wrap blunt, then ash it on a premium ashtray.

Customers can find the perfect product for their needs from the extensive inventory of KP grinders. Each product offers its own unique benefits along with the promise of King Palm quality.

Humidity Control

Another issue smokers often come across is degradation of their products from the elements. King Palm decided to expand its inventory of products to protect customer’s top-tier flower and dry herb.

The humidity control options on the site are designed to protect dry herb, pre-rolls, wraps, and ground flower from humidity.

With an exciting selection of humidity control packs, meters, and stash containers, clients can keep their 420 gear safe.

Clothing & Merch

King Palm stays ahead of 420 trends with the updated inventory of clothing offered on the site.

Fans will find a stylish assortment of comfortable essentials like t-shirts, hoodies, sweats, jackets, headwear, and bags.

The looks feature inspired designs and creative icons, along with clever King Palm logos and phrases.

There is a fit for any style, so every 420 lover or fashionable dresser can find their new favorite piece.

To check out a carefully curated selection of smoking accessories along with delicious pre-rolled cones, head to King Palm.