Isle of Wight County land Transfers for May

Published 5:18 pm Tuesday, July 20, 2021

The following land transfers were recorded in Isle of Wight County Circuit Court for the month of May:

Surety Trustees LLC to Lakeview Loan Servicing LLC; no description given; $112,180

Patrick Bradon Wood to Ethan Harding Kersh; 902 Lakeview, Smithfield; $225,000

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Clearview Homes VA LLC to Deborah Lee Lego; 11216 Easy St., Smithfield; $166,000

James A. O’Reilly to Jillian Marie Yates; 303 First St., Smithfield; $275,000

Christopher W. Bremus to Amanda Gail McGrath; 404 Pagan Road, Smithfield; $365,000

Sasser Construction LC to Jonathan Tyler DeBoer; 105 Colonial Way, Carrollton; $675,900

Patricia Spratley to Jordan A. Figueroa; 9356 Old Stage Highway, Smithfield; $164,900

Richard W. Cunningham to Elias Garcia; 92 Barclay Crescent, Smithfield; $375,000

Clearview Homes VA LLC to Keith W. Freeland; 31299 Community House, Carrsville; $276,900

EW Benns Grant LLC to NVR Inc.; lots 497-500 ph 10B1 Benns Grant; $218,400

EW Benns Grant LLC to NVR Inc.; lot 255 ph 8 Benns Grant; $98,820

John T. Glapinski to Yun M. Sung; 1102 Lakeview Cove, Smithfield; $230,000

Timbervest Partners to Brian Nolan; remainder 122 acres adjacent to VA Rt 610; $284,000

Noel T. Bird to Kevin Michael Eldredge; 103 Winterberry Court N, Smithfield; $404,500

Bernard C. Klein to Eric Charles Mostoller; 114 Colonial Way, Carrollton; $575,000

Carrollton Woods to Shoreland Woods LLC; 5.78 acres Lillie P. Driver; $170,000

Samuel I. White PC to MMHH Investments LLC; no description given; $286,000

Charles J. Caton Jr. to Colette L. Pappal; 320 Jordan Drive, Smithfield; $225,000

Thomas R. Watkins to Michael S. Fifer; 13136 Lighthouse Lane, Carrollton; $461,500

EW Benns Grant LLC to NVR Inc.; lot 206 ph 7 Benns Grant; $118,820

Theodore Hardison to David James Joaquim; lots 1-3 Hardison; $75,000

Garland Windell N. Wilson to Jonathan B. Ryan; 508 Juniper Court, Smithfield; $342,000

Daniel N. Monk to Nicholaus Allen Zimmerman; 1305 Rivers Arch, Carrollton; $189,900

Birdsong Builders Inc. to George N. Hamrick; 110 Turnberry, Smithfield; $587,500

Rabil Turner Enterprises to Odette Daughtry-Rodgers; PT lot 32 Jamestown; $6,000

Emerson Companies LLC to Walker Baldwin Properties LLC; lot 109 ph 2 sec 2C Founders Pointe; $92,500

BB Bailey Realty to Heather H. Capobianco; 11117 Smiths Neck Road, Carrollton; $200,000

Michael Howe to Gregory Lee McKean; 104 Gullane, Smithfield; $570,000

Sandra J. Jones to Charles R. Sledge III; 27090 Little Norfolk Road, Windsor; $275,000

NVR Inc. to Erica Ward; 216 Riley Way, Smithfield; $294,695

Timothy Pressley to Audra R. Johnson; 106 Sunrise Bluff Court, Smithfield; $390,000

Jason Lassiter to Amitkumar H. Patel; 1005 Point Way, Carrollton; $235,000

Warren L. Birdsong to Janet D. Dunlop, trustee; Berryman and Additions 345 S. Church St.; $1,200,000

Ralph L. Westbay to Brian E. Adams; 1427 Cypress Creek, Smithfield; $625,000

Ashdon Builders Inc. to Eric T. Arp; 25271 Kelsie St., Windsor; $393,605

Ubiquitous Properties to Alexis K. Pope; 17222 Woodland Drive, Windsor; $233,000

NVR Inc. to Nilda Palau-Lopez; 220 Riley Way, Smithfield; $284,530

Terry N. Evans to Lansing J. Davis, trustee; 1270 Lawnes Neck Drive, Smithfield; $99,950

Eagle Construction to Walid M. Hajji; 217 Royal Birkdale, Smithfield; $537,834

EW Benns Grant LLC to NVR Inc.; lots 331 and 332 ph 10A2 Benns Grant; $127,200

Jean Marie Wechsler to Benjamin M. Reilley; 6 Carl Point, Smithfield; $295,000

EW Benns Grant LLC to NVR Inc.; lot 222 ph 8 Benns Grant; $108,820

Cypress Investment Homes to Eagle Construction of Virginia LLC; lot 329 ph 7B and lot 364 ph 7C Cypress Creek; $205,000

WH at Hulls Creek LLC to Porsha M. Chambliss; 12015 Lena Rose St., Windsor; $314,900

NVR Inc. to Lynn Harendza; 117 Cedar Crest Drive, Smithfield; $293,290

NVR Inc. to Arthur Becker; 331 Oak Hill Lane, Smithfield; $443,120

Thomas C. Askew to M&D Holdings LLC; 204 Grace St., Smithfield; $278,300

James R. Miller to David L. Bailey; 120 Muirfield, Smithfield; $550,000

Jason K. Winn to Oliver Brickhouse; 27126 Ballard Road, Carrsville; $265,000

Philip T. Gurecki to Jason Jacinto Sardinas; 732 W. Andrews, Smithfield; $360,000

  1. Wayne Mostiler to Mark Nicholas Imhof; lot 40 Lawnes Point on the James; $220,000

Larry S. Sanders to Michael B. Firnstahl; 3165 S. Shore Drive, Smithfield; $470,000

Deanna D. Mathews to Brent Watson; 19123 Beale Place Drive, Zuni; $560,000

Siamak Kazemi to Richard Kerr Reinsel Jr.; lot 6 G. Paul Gwaltney; $149,400

Elizabeth Ann Hughes to Aaron C. Echols; 217183 Hughes Trail, Carrsville; $170,000

Brian L. Gruber to Moses V. Lleva; .3 acres and lot 1 Brian L. Gruber; $100,000

Heather G. Owens to Jamison Davenport; 900 Pocahontas Court, Smithfield; $188,000

Jeremy H. Rogers to Gregory B. Porter; 13429 River Birch, Carrollton; $505,000

Brenden L. Cannon to Ryan Katuzienski; 22407 Sundown Drive, Carrollton; $405,000

John Joseph Johnson II; Anna Marie Boyer; 205 Chalmers Row, Smithfield; $256,500

NVR Inc. to Marvin Taswell; 105 Cedar Crest Drive, Smithfield; $236,170

Ubiquitous Properties to Michael Bender Jr.; 10664 Magnet Drive, Smithfield; $250,000

NVR Inc. to Tiffany Nicole Snipes; 113 Cedar Crest, Smithfield; $240,945

Kenneth Andrew Marple to James Robert Evans Jr.; 11316 Burwells Bay, Smithfield; $280,000

Thomas D. Hoff to Aidan Youngerman; 13511 Raynor Road, Ivor; $235,000

Russell L. Holladay to Cornel Stoian; parcel Esther W. Bull; $45,000

Hubert Lesniak to Andrew C. Monroe; 13415 Prince Andrew Trail, Carrollton; $269,000

Wilmington Savings to Clearview Homes Virginia LLC; 45 Bank St., Windsor; $96,821

Jean S. Arrington to James Kenneth Harrison; pt lot 348 sec D St. Luke’s; $2,000

Kimberly S. Orange to Brian Wydra; lot 93 Lawnes Point on the James; $70,000

Tyrone Fitzgerald Davis to Reginald L. Bond Jr.; 20590 Seahawk Landing, Smithfield; $522,750

Michael A. Cicero to Kenneth E. Pepper; 25114 River Run Trail, Zuni; $410,000

Cascade Funding Mortgage to Rene M. Marple; 604 Breann Court, Smithfield; $318,000

EW Benns Grant LLC to NVR Inc.; lot 220 ph 8 Benns Grant; $98,820

IWC Residential Inc. to Lexus Spencer; 138 Manor Drive, Carrollton; $485,687

Ashdon Builders Inc. to Joel F. Scussel; 11477 Savannah St., Windsor; $468,142

NVR Inc. to Erasmus McDowell; 109 Cedar Crest Drive, Smithfield; $254,590

Jeremy D. Rigau to Meredith A. Winters; 208 Oak Hill Lane, Smithfield; $460,000

Fannie Mae to Kevin Sims; 24311 Walters Highway, Windsor; $264,000

Sasser Construction LC to Matthew Paul Johnson; 1200 Founders Pointe Trail, Carrollton; $553,491

Eileen G. Hitchens to Sharon Y. Goodin Revocable Living Trust; 13428 Prince Andrew Trail, Carrollton; $265,000

Kris Coughlin to DeWayne C. Walls; 118 Acacia Circle, Smithfield; $180,000

Henry W. Lowery to Chrystal Thy-anh Nguyen-Dubois; tr 6 Six Ponds Farm South; $600,000

William Campbell to Wilberto Ramos; 14532 Bayview Drive, Carrollton; $369,900

Chris Robert Cason to John Lauriston Porter; 511 Moonefield, Smithfield; $248,000

Pando Real Estate LLC to Patriot Properties 757 LLC; 700 Smithfield Blvd., Smithfield; $360,000

John L. Graham to George S. Boomer Jr.; 113 Jericho Road, Smithfield; $500,000

Richard J. Hare to John James III; 413 Evergreen Way, Smithfield; $341,719

Michael Crist to Preston W. Artis; 18410 Muddy Cross, Smithfield; $230,000

Patrick M. Connolly to Jeffrey Quartararo; 102 Tulip Poplar Court, Smithfield; $480,000

John Edwards to Judith A. McNure; 408 Marsh Hawk Trail, Carrollton; $210,000

Robert F. Morris to Zachary Bowen; 12 Riverside Drive, Smithfield; $365,500

Christopher J. Crabtree to Cory Alan Wasinger; 13530 Whippingham Parkway, Carrollton; $435,000

Elizabeth Montague to Derek Frantz; 1008 Rivers Arch, Carrollton; $180,000

Brian D. Lee to Earnie Lamont Gilyard; 206 Blue Heron Trail, Carrollton; $220,000

Michael D. Luter Revocable Trust to Tyler N. Egerton; 6161 Yellow Hammer Road, Zuni; $255,000

Patrick J. Bloodgood to Robert L. Boyer Jr.; 405 Huntington Way, Smithfield; $300,000

Brook J. Carter to Dellon F. Baker; 13413 High Gate Mews, Carrollton; $251,000

Eugene M. Grillo to Amanda M. Powell; 906 Lakeview Cove, Smithfield; $233,000

Alexi M. Snodgrass to Clayton A. Hansen Bonte; 16603 Bowling Green Road, Smithfield; $272,000

Thomas J. Adams, trustee, to Donna R. Nurney; 208 Irvin Drive, Smithfield; $265,000

NVR Inc. to Antwyne Robertson; 343 Oak Hill Lane, Smithfield; $424,215

Dustin Frrancis Evans to Erik Bluhm; 28024 Colosse Road, Carrsville; $139,900

Steven G. Dulin to John J. Cavanaugh; 24408 John Henry St., Windsor; $325,000

Raqman S. Moore to Joshua Steven Covill; 207 Marshall Lane, Carrollton; $585,000