Trans-phobia is misguided

Published 5:13 pm Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Editor, The Smithfield Times:

It’s incredibly pathetic that I have to even say this.

After hearing about some comments made at the school board meeting in Isle of Wight, let me just educate people on some myths real quick.

  1. There is NO LINK between trans-inclusive policies and bathroom safety.
  2. No, your child is not in danger of getting sexually assaulted in the bathroom because now it allows transgender use.
  3. Though there is, again, no link between trans inclusive bathroom policies and safety, there IS a link between transgender people getting assaulted in bathrooms they were assigned to, meaning you are focusing on the WRONG people you who need help.
  4. And finally, if after all of this, you’re still SO upset about the new law, there are MULTIPLE single stall bathrooms all over Isle of Wight County Schools. So your child can go there if they are really that uncomfortable.

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And just as a random fact to throw in there?

This was the same argument used when integration was first introduced. “Oh, great, now we are going to have black and white people together? All the black men are going to hurt all the white girls!”

It was also the same argument used when law allowed someone who is gay to be on an all-male football team. “He’s going to be too busy looking at us to be a good player!”

By the way, I can promise you there are right this second transgender teachers AND students who have shared a bathroom with your child. I started the Gay Straight Alliance in Smithfield High School. I have no regrets.

For those spewing hate, take a look at yourselves, because in 20 years, your grandchildren are going to be ashamed to be related to the equivalent of what integration protestors were, today.

Educate yourselves.


Jessica Packer Jackman