Vote for anyone but a Democrat

Published 6:46 pm Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Editor, The Smithfield Times:

Just responding to my friend Joe Puglisi’s letter in last week’s edition (“Cut through the jargon”). He entreats us to vote Democrat to “… protect our democracy.”

A few historical observations. “Our democracy” has been really seriously threatened only three times, by my count, since 1776:

  1. In 1812 when our former royal masters returned in force to take us back. We could not prevent them from burning the White House. But one of the founders of the “Democratic” Party, Black slavery advocate Andrew Jackson, seriously kicked their butts at New Orleans in 1815. Remember, the Brits were offering freedom to Black Americans who joined their ranks. Couldn’t have that!
  2. 1828-1861, when the “Democratic” Party was dominant. It was founded, in part, to preserve the institution of Black slavery in America. Democrats prevailed in keeping slavery alive against the opposition of the “abolitionists” until 1861. That’s when Republican Abraham Lincoln led us into war to preserve the union and free the slaves.
  3. 1865-1964 when the Democrats, as the party of “Jim Crow,” successfully limited the voting power of freed Black Americans by intimidation and the support of their KKK allies.

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And, since then, using Democratic “social welfare” programs like “The (failed) Great Society,” this political party has managed to destroy the American Black family unit and keep many Black citizens (and White!) dependent on government handouts. All designed to suppress the initiative of those citizens and make them useful to the Democratic Party.

So I would entreat all voting residents of Isle of Wight County to reject the oppressive hypocrisy of today’s Democratic Party. Vote for anyone else, according to your conscience, for yourself, your family’s preservation and life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Albert Burckard